10 Common Lightroom Mistakes and How to Fix or Avoid Them

22 thoughts on 10 Common Lightroom Mistakes and How to Fix or Avoid Them

  1. I see this stuff all over FB and Pinterest with a ton of comments that say how amazing and beautiful the shot is. The fact is photographers hate these but the general public loves them. I will sometimes post a comment like. “Great composition but a little over processed for my taste”

  2. Its not and never is about what the photigrapher wants ” unless shooting for himself” its about what the end user wants.. if the end used wants a family photo with the only colour in the pic is the blue of their jeans then thats what the end user gets..its what they are paying for. If you as a photographer dont like doing that then dont take the job..but dont whinge when someone else does it.

  3. There are a lot of helpful suggestions and even just fundamental basics about how certain aspects of Lightroom work. This whole series seems incredibly constructive to me.

    I sense a lot of people may be getting defensive about being called out on their own personal editing techniques. #hittingtooclosetohome

  4. Disagree the first vignette video completely but interesting to know the unnecessary problems image Editors worry about. many commercial photos put on serious dark vignette to get a special effect look. Also, what’s the problem with using center vignette with rule of third? No problem at all. People still look at the rule of third object right away. My opinion : if a photo is bad, delete it. Don’t bother doing any editing. If a photo is good already, don’t do editing.

  5. I agree with the general theme of overuse is bad with any tool in Photoshop. Appropriate use of Photoshop to create a natural or slightly enhanced look is good. And it will outlast any fad movement.

    In his comments and others here, when I see a picture that is over processed no matter the tool used, I don’t think “that’s a photo”. My first thought is “over processed”.

    Photoshop us a great tool. It can help take great photos to amazing. And take great photos and destroy them. Are there exceptions to the rule. Yes. But they are “exceptions” and should not be used every time.

    Photoshop shouldn’t be used to replace photography skills. (Lens blur, etc)

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