I Found a Mint Condition Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1.5 Lens for $10

24 thoughts on I Found a Mint Condition Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1.5 Lens for $10

  1. Omg why is everyone freaking out over this story? Lol! Ya’ll need to go to a pawnshop. Its the art of the deal. If he was to be completely “honest” as you all suggest he’d give $200 buck for it. Sorry, nope. It was their mistake not fully knowing what they are selling. Im not going to give $50 when I find a rare out of print horror DVD at a pawn shop for a dollar, its their job to do the research, they can always say “no” if he was in the resale business this happens every second. You have knowledge, they don’t. Its not lying. If the guy tells me “it might be broken” i’m not going to correct him if I know that it works fine. Know what you are selling. I’m confused by the holier than thou attitude.

  2. No harm no fowl. Just a normal deal. Antique dealers “mark up” the price because they expect to be haggled down. The dealer was probably already in profit from selling other parts of a lot and figured he’d probably never get rid of it otherwise. Caveat emptor works both ways.

  3. What’s the purpose of this article other than the author being able to brag that he talked down the price of a lens after lying to a saleswoman about the fact that it didn’t work?

  4. Well congratulations on getting an amazing bargain, but you straight up lied to another person trying to make a living in the process. That says a lot about your morality.

    Edit: my comment is in regards to the 1st version of the article. It has since been edited twice, with some information removed and new information added.

  5. What a great story. I love the part of your bragging that you lied to the salesperson who is just trying to make a living that the lens isn’t functional. Maybe with the money you make from this article you should send an apology and a check. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to deceive others for you to get ahead? Maybe you should look up the concept of karma.

  6. So it’s an article about bragging someone – because he only had 10 bucks in his pocket ? (ATM do exists).

    Interestingly Petapixel edited the content AND blocked the ability to comment on the website. They could just delete the article ?

  7. Not really article worthy, I find 400 dollar crap all the time on the cheap at sales. Although I think I would have just gave the lady 30$ I mean it is a 400 dollar lense. Not like the 20 bucks was a big deal.

  8. Anyone find it comical how he edited/updated the article a second time after deleting the part where he said it was broken and would be used as a paper weight to attempt to explain how he wasn’t bragging and that essentially, he’s not a bad person?

    Also, if the asking price was $30 and I only had $10, and I had no way to get there extra $20 nor could I bargain it down to $10, then I would just go “oh well, I guess it’s just not my day to get the lens.” I wouldn’t lie about it and say it’s broken, and say I’ll use it as a paperweight to get the price down… Bargaining is one thing. This isn’t bargaining in my opinion.

  9. Mom and dad must be so proud of you. I’m sure you could post this story on a group about deceiving people. And on top of that Petal Pixel published it! They fight for photographers rights, what about everyone else’s?

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