My Most Important Camera Feature is How It Makes Me Feel

24 thoughts on My Most Important Camera Feature is How It Makes Me Feel

  1. Got 2x canon 7d’s & 7 good lenses. Always seem to grab the Fuji x30 when heading out the door. Retro yet modern quality. Intuitive to use & still don’t think I’ve scratched the surface of what it can do.

  2. “…the dangers of too much choice”
    “I liked how it looked.
    I didn’t realize it then, but this would prove one of its best and most impactful qualities.”

    Sorry, but I just can’t take anyone like this seriously.
    Choice is a good thing. It means that there’s hopefully the right combination of features out there for one’s needs and budget.
    After all, it’s it choice and breadth of selection that allows him to find that “look at me” gear he so craves?

    Also, cameras and lenses are just tools, but like with any craft, the tools are important beyond just how they look.

    Maybe when he matures out of his 20s, he’ll lose some narcissism and fully free his creativity.

  3. I totally agree with him, my Pentax is with me all the time and i’m feeling naked too, if she isn’t. And often i don’t use her, but it’s a good feeling that i could. One day i went to the park without and nearly got a heartattack when i went home, because i thought i left her in the lark. Then i remembered that i left her at home:-)

  4. The most important camera feature is how you look holding the camera. Everyone knows looking good is the most important thing as a photographer. Everything else is moot.

  5. I’ve said for ages there’s no point in having kit that’s left behind – and its why so many photographers take so many photos with their iPhones! Also the camera influences how the person being photographed (if there is one) responds. Lastly – as someone who lives little more than an hour from St.Andrews, the photos in the article are like a love letter to the town….. some of the most emotive images I’ve seen of the town…

  6. Great article, Bang On. This is why I shoot Nikon, and why I always have. Growing up in a small, rural town, in the 60’s, it was the name synonymous with Photography. I think it was the only name I knew, outside of Kodak. I saved for a long time, to buy my first Nikon in college. Not the best camera, but it was a camera I WANTED to carry and use, all the time. It’s been that way ever since, …even now with my new D500, I rarely leave home without it, and it’s even become part of my “kit” when I go to work.
    I know I”m not one of the best photographers, but I’m one of the happiest.

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