How To: Photograph Food Like a Professional

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Remember your last meal of summer 2015 by taking an awesome photos of it

How To: Photograph Food Like a Professional

Shoot To Eat Francesco Tonelli For this tripod mounted exposure, Tonelli shot at 1/15 sec, f/3.5, and ISO 160. Are you crazy about food? If you appreciate its color and visual qualities as much as its taste, you have an excellent chance for success in culinary photography. It’s exactly what catapult…

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4 thoughts on How To: Photograph Food Like a Professional

  1. The image above is beginner stuff! Don’t do it! Food images should be well lit with maximum depth of field. Shallow DOF was a passing fancy 20 years ago! Time, Inc. editors told me “no more shallow DOF food shots” years ago. You don’t see it in high end advertising! This is what great food images should look like ( 1/160 @ f32 is what I shoot for ):

  2. Why shoot at 1/15? Would it be better to kick up the ISO a little to get a slightly faster shutter? I realize that you used a tripod, but that seems unnecessarily slow.

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