Galloping Horses Make for a Gorgeous Wedding Photo

25 thoughts on Galloping Horses Make for a Gorgeous Wedding Photo

  1. Yes, because a couple always kisses in the middle of a field with horses running past them. Don’t like it, it’s not indicative of everyday life.

  2. Is it me or does it seem like people commenting here never read the article. Especially the important part about how the couple met when they worked at the ranch together and decided to get married there (hence the horses.)

  3. I’m not over keen in terms of relevance What does running horses have to do with marriage? For me elements have to have context and fit together. This seems to be two different photos.

  4. This post is clearly lacking in horse people….but there’s sure plenty of ego. I doubt many of you would do well dropped on a ranch with no studio lighting and props.

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