In Defense of Flickr: 8 Reasons I’m Sticking Around

22 thoughts on In Defense of Flickr: 8 Reasons I’m Sticking Around

  1. Ok now ive not gotten into Flickr yet so is it worth using after reading everything about it in this story and a few others im just wondering is that the place for me ?

  2. WoW… I could cite all these reasons for NOT wanting to be on Flickr anymore. If you post something with nudity Flickr will slap you with a Restricted label so almost no one can see your pictures (Switzerland and Germany f.e.) and that makes it less social as well.

  3. Good article. As concerned as I am about the long term viability, I still like using Flickr – and one of the biggest reasons is the ability to share my photos publicly (this is one of the biggest frustrations when currently using Google Photos).

  4. I’m sticking around, at least for now. I love publicly sharing my photos and being inspired by others’ work. I also like my high-res shots, not sized down ones.

  5. What I probably like most about flickr is that it doesn’t build my newsfeed using some algorithm. That it is not deciding for me what I want to see, or from who.

  6. Finally, an article that actually defends Flickr. I love how all the bashers came out of the woodwork because suddenly a little-used feature was made Pro-only.

    Flickr is still very active, very usable, very social and easily my favorite compared to its competition for the reasons outlined in the article (especially full-res uploading, that’s great for huge panoramic shots and the growing resolutions of DSLR photos!).

    Though for critical feedback, I think I prefer reddit’s photo communities like r/itookapicture or small location-based subreddits like r/japanpics.

  7. Great article Thomas Hawk, I’m too I invested in flickr to move to a different platform. Photo sharing is just photo sharing and it’s not rocket science.

  8. people really underestimate Flickr sometimes. If you’re an established user like myself, you even get clients through it. You will not believe how many big brands/companies/tourist agencies etc are still looking at twitter for photos. I get requests from companies alot through Flickr. It’s definitely not as dead as many people would think. I do have to say that my Flickr account is extremely popular. For new users it might be a different story.

  9. I just got an email about using my images because they found it on Flickr. I also only post photos to Flickr after carefully processing them so it is used as a full resolution backup.
    Also, Twitter still allows previews within tweets.

  10. I’ve had a Pro account since 2005, and I wouldn’t dream of giving up on it now, especially as some serious work to improve it has been done in the last few years.

  11. Wow interesting!! Thomas Hawk is a living legend of photography. He’s controversial too – he was really ripping on Flickr and talking up everything Google with his buddy Trey not that long ago.

  12. Posts an article showing how Flickr is failing, receives lots of comments saying Flickr is still alive, posts another article praising Flickr. Coincidence? I don’t think so lol. Side note: like others have said, finally an article that doesn’t keep repeating that Flickr is totally dead.

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