The Benefits Of Being An Assistant

Have you ever assisted?

The Benefits Of Being An Assistant

When we start out as photographers, it can be a little underwhelming, I mean, we all have this idea of what we’re capable of and yet we start out working on small jobs (often) with low budgets. Assisting helps you keep your enthusiasm while rising up through the ranks of experience and gives you acc…

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5 thoughts on The Benefits Of Being An Assistant

  1. I assisted when I started, and I continue to assist 40+ years later. You learn every day, and you have fun doing so, too.

    Often I assist for half the session, then I take over and shoot the second half of the session.

    I assist others who need a second shooter at an event.

    I assist by providing props or equipment to others needing to borrow things.

    Photography ought ot be a collaborative art.

  2. I’m a full time pro and I’ll still assist when I feel it will benefit me! It’s a very diverse craft where you never stop learning and it’s nice to see other pros operate both technically and creatively.

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