Apple Unleashes the iPhone SE: 4-Inch Screen and $399 Price Tag

25 thoughts on Apple Unleashes the iPhone SE: 4-Inch Screen and $399 Price Tag

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 has become the best camera on a smartphone in the world… Apple is still quite a lot behind, especially since the S7 has got a dual CMOS sensor…

  2. Lena Supplie na, was hab ich gesagt! jetzt haben sie n neues rausgebracht, was die gleiche Leistung wie das s6 hat und die große vom 5s! hättest du mal noch ein paar tage gewartet 😉

  3. At least 5S size fits in the hand and the buttons fall perfectly under the fingers, not like the 6S where they had to add a double tap function to the home button to get the top of the screen lower…5S has the best ergonomics among iPhones for me, and with near 6S characteristics this SE just sounds perfect.

  4. Unleashed? It’s a phone. You unleash a horde of wild dogs, or a dragon, or such. A phone is released. Stop dilluting the meaning of the word unleash.

  5. And so self-cannibalization process begins.

    There’s a reason why the late Steve Jobs was so stubborn on releasing only one and one phone only.

    He didn’t want to confuse his clientele on which to get. Case Study: In the late 90s, he removed multiple versions of the Mac and streamlined it to just one product.

    Now we have the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. If the rumors are correct we will be having completely different cameras between the upcoming 7 and 7+.

    (Oh and possibly one more iPhone. The iPhone 7+ Pro. So that’s 4 phones)

    Want a better camera but not a gigantic screen? Well too bad. Bravo bravo.

  6. Love seeing a powerful, more affordable phone for people who want an iPhone. 🙂

    This may be an option for me if I decide to cut ties with ATT and move over to something like boost mobile. Lol.

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