100,000+ Sign Petition to Keep Instagram Chronological

24 thoughts on 100,000+ Sign Petition to Keep Instagram Chronological

  1. I realy dont understand this kind of changes. I mean, if there’s an algorithm, if there’s data, if there’s my request through my devices to feed my apps, why we cannot have the option to choose among versions? If I want to receive data by chronological method, ok, I could just choose it. If I want to receive data by any kind of algorithm I could just choose it and have the specific version of the app I want. Why is it not possible?

  2. FB/Instagram doesn’t care. They selling you to advertisers, you don’t have any rights, moreover, you don’t have too much choice which social network to use. So, keep calm and carry on.

  3. Your rights? Come on, you don’t have any rights. How much do you pay to use THEIR program. Even if you paid to use it what rights do you have. You have no rights and can claim no rights to something that is freely given to you to use. They want to change the rules to how you use THEIR program, it is THEIR right. YOUR ONLY RIGHT IS TO USE IT OR NOT.

  4. The change sucks, but it’s inevitable. I’m sure they’re spending millions per year in just hosting costs alone, not to count developer and engineer time. It’s not sustainable without being able to generate significant revenue from advertising.

  5. Don’t like something? Vote with your log ins and don’t log in and go and interact with people in real life. Only then social media will listen. But then people don’t know how to interact ib real life.

  6. Some reason people who follow this page don’t see how important Instagram is to photographers it’s the easy the best social network to reach a audience with

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