Why You Need to Know Your Subject as a Stock Photographer

25 thoughts on Why You Need to Know Your Subject as a Stock Photographer

  1. While we at it 🙂 No Anti Static protection and a soldering iron that the nib is way too big to do any board work on, though as the board the wrong way round thats not a real problem 🙂

  2. Looks to me like she’s trying to pop the battery out with the iron. Odd choice of a tool for that, and definitely the wrong way to hold it. At least the goggles will protect her from the flying battery.

  3. With respect to soldering the component side… it’s absolutely normal. While the solder is initially applied from the other side of the board, you need complete solder flow through the component holes. Sometimes the solder doesn’t flow properly through the hole and you have to “coax” it through by applying heat from the component side. I know this because I have 30+ years experience in electronics manufacturing…

  4. My God luckly there is an explanation other ways I was going to report to Facebook this rubbish photo this not the way she suppose to use that tools..thx yooooo I was mind…….yooo!!!???

  5. Happens all the time. Marketing/communications produces brochures that have photos in them of lab techs without eye protection, or holding a gayly-colored solution in a flask for no apparent reason. It pays to talk to each other, and find out what we all do! (And for the record, I would have no idea how to do their job, either. God made us all different for a reason.)

  6. This could be an add both for engineering and photography studies… you are trying to work like this and do not get the result you want? Come to us, we will teach the correct way!

  7. What I hate about stock photos…the actors always hold the violin on the wrong arm…hold the bow wrong…hold the neck wrong…put the Chin on wrong part of the violin…when are they going to get it that need need to find a beautiful model who actually plays the violin when shooting violin stock photos!?!

  8. not really an ideal photo, but she chould just be using the sharp tip to remove the CMOS battery (round silvery thing in front of the tip), works in a pinch.

  9. I saw this the other day thought it was a joke.
    1. Who holds it like that.
    2.why does it look like they are going to try and solder on the BIOS battery.
    3. That looks like a standard 30 watt pencil iron and not really suited to work on something like a motherboard.
    4. If they are using that on the motherboar the only real parts you could use that iron for would be through hole and solder is on the bottom.
    5. If they want to solder anything else then you need an SMD soldering station that uses hot air or an infrared heat lamp.

  10. Ok we all make mistakes: but given “beautiful woman” as a description maybe the soldering iron is there to cool her hand!! “Exploited female worker ….” wouldn’t have worked.

  11. *Quickly changes the title to* How to improperly solder a circuit board. Sadly I can see this happening to anyone if you have full day and you never done it before, can’t hate to much.

  12. Now if they have switched them on, they wouldn’t have this problem, would they? They will have fried hands stock photo…but not these stupid photos.

  13. Hahahaha!!!! This is soooo funny, but on the flip side, I think the image can be used to portray issues around mediocrity, impersonation of character, etc. Moreover, it reminds me of how you can easily tell a true tennis player from the way the person grips the tennis racket.

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