Your Instagram Feed is About to Change

24 thoughts on Your Instagram Feed is About to Change

  1. Argh, I like to browse through at my leisure, FB pisses me off with what it decidinh what I should see (and most people prob don’t realise it’s doing that)

  2. This is what ruined Facebook & Twitter.. The chronological thing was one of the big advantages of Instagram! How will a new instagrammer ever get the chance to gain followers? If a distant friend only posts from time to time, he’d clearly be not popular enough to show up in the feed.. A lot of accounts will be stuck in oblivion

  3. This is the next logical step. The last month and a half I’ve seen an increase in sponsored posts, and now they are going to control even more what we see and don’t see. And then we’ll have to boost our posts to get them seen.

  4. This is business. Also it will be good for people who actively use instagram. This way we won’t be spammed woth useless selfies etc. Higher quality works will be more visible. I approve this change

  5. Don’t worry, soon Instagram will allow you to pay them to “Boost” your posts back to the top just like Facebook has been doing for the past couple of years.

  6. I read through a TON of comments and there’s not ONE positive comment on this change. You’d think SOMEONE from Instagram would sit up and take notice. Don’t change it!

  7. The question is will it be optimal like it is on Facebook? I never use “top stories” on Facebook, so it’s just business as usual. Hopefully they have the same option for “most recent” on Instagram.

  8. There’s a solution for this. (It works on Facebook, too!)

    Just delete all of your friends…except one.

    You’ll see everything they post!


  9. I will unfollow all the ad sites then, Canon, Joby etc.. . Thats whats happening here. Its changes to benefit me. Its ad rate justification. I dont want to see commercials, i wanna see my friends and talented folks i follow.

  10. And here goes the bloody algorithm. I feared this would happened ever since Favebook bought them…soon we will see more adds etc, this is all about business and making people pay to be visible. Great, bye Instagram

  11. This is stupid. It all but eliminates the ability to go back and find something later. This has nothing to do with user interests and everything to do with tracking habits and online behaviors.

  12. They just started digging their own grave! Hopefully they will realize how stupid this is and change it back. I haven’t seen anyone that’s been positive to this change!

  13. I hope they actually listen to feedback this time. The majority of people DON’T want this and are happy with the way it works now. Please don’t change it. It’s simple easy and I get to see the things I follow as they’re posted, like it’s supposed to be

  14. I have no words. Not that it would really matter. I have posted about pages should show us what WE want to see not what THEY want us to see. Facebook does it (yes, there is the most recent option, but it will switch back when you refresh the page), Twitter is now doing it and now Instagram. This hurt my chances of gaining the exposure that I dream about.

    I understand that it is to introduce a ‘boost’ option for some money, and if I was making money (and if Facebook actually reached people instead of click-farms) I would consider it, but I am not making money so that isn’t an option for me.

    I spend a lot of time on social media each day, trying to gain exposure, and well, I feel that I am failing. I am not sure what the secret it, but I haven’t found it yet.

    Thank you Instagram for deciding what I want to see. 🙁

  15. This morning I complained in the comments of a story on Facebook for showing me the story a few times already this week and in the past. If instagram is going the same way as Facebook maybe it’s time to find some alternative apps. I hate it when ppl decide for me.

  16. burying other ones that it thinks ‘you’d like to ignore’

    I’d like to make this decision please. Do not filter out posts without my permission, except the kardashian ones.

  17. Awful decision. The whole point of the Instagram feed is timeline. I wake up in the morning and see the early evening in Europe. I watch my friends get up and experience the flow of the day. I see what my friends are doing at night in the city. BOO.

  18. Shame. I liked Instagram as it was. No doubt, like Facebook, the advertising will be one of the things they think we’d all like to see, no matter how many times you tell them otherwise.

  19. “No why is this company who gives me this app for free making changes that i don’t understand and now I don’t think I like. I’m gunna be mad and say that this company is in the wrong for doing something different!” – most of the entitled comments on here. If you want an app exactly like you think it should be, go make it. If you don’t want to do that, shut up, sit down, and take the changes with open arms.

  20. I’ve been waitng for this. Hoped it would spur something better like g+ to actually get in the game or a totally new platform, but I think even a new platform or social media site would be driven by money as this one is.

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