Parachut is the Netflix of Camera Gear: Unlimited Rentals for $149/Month

24 thoughts on Parachut is the Netflix of Camera Gear: Unlimited Rentals for $149/Month

  1. Do NOT sign up! The form they ask you to fill out to sign up is not secure. They ask your for billing information on non-encrypted pages (it’s not HTTPS). That’s completely unprofessional.

  2. I remember getting scratched dvds. And then netflix switched to online streaming. So… parachut will send me scratched lenses and then…. mmmm…. how they are going to stream lenses???? Ah! Got it! It is called instagram!

  3. ?! May or may not get the gear you need? Ugh…So, not so much “Netflix” as LootCrate. You know he genre of what your getting, but not exactly… Not sure about the rest of you, but if I rent a lens, it is because I need THAT lens.

  4. Maybe for someone who’s brand new to photography and has no idea what to get they can try stuff out, but even a year into photography and you’re already established with a brand and should know what you need to do your shooting.

    Although for a business you can lease a $3k camera and if you have enough work it’s just another business expense without the upfront cost.

  5. In some ways it sounds cool…but…and it’s a BIG ol’ but.

    Hmmm, I guess I just don’t want to be the first on my block to try this one…I mean, a few months of “not really what I needed at the time” could easily translate into renting EXACTLY what was needed in the first place…

    Cool way to try gear I guess…but I’ll stick with CPS & traditional rental houses. I can rent a fair amount of gear in a year for $1700.

  6. This is a game changer for the world of photography. For $150 and the ability to try before you buy, lenses, bodies, stabilizers and even drones, sounds to me it’s well worth the monthly cost.

  7. When Netflix started they had tiered membership levels; they matured into their current model and even today casual users fund the heavy user viewing habits. This is relevant because
    1) As an established professional, many photographers have *most* the gear they already need, so paying $1800 a year to fill in the gaps isn’t economically sound for professionals up front.
    2) As an established professional fully on-board with the Lease vs. Own model, the amount of gear would invariably break the model as there wouldn’t be enough casual users to support their heavy costs.
    3) As a working amature, the client list may not support the cost every month; there will be some months where the business is in the red because of this expense that may or may not be used.
    4) Aas a Hobbyist, the dollars spent would be more wisely put toward purchase.

    A tiered service level would let you grow through these challenges as a business, and give the customer a greater sense of assuredness that they’re going to be taken care of at the levels they need.

    The other thing that jumps out at me from the Established Professional POV is that the equipment I’d be most likely request would be lighting and lighting modifiers – which I do not see listed in the Warehouse section of your site. Lighting is one of my biggest costs.

  8. I love how many of you are missing the point. The idea isn’t to provide people with the exact gear they want – the idea is to provide gear that fits a loose collection of needs, to help provide people with new options. It isn’t supposed to replace what you use to get specific gear for a shoot.

    If you need a particular lens or rig, then continue to rent or lease it like you do. This is more for experimenting.

  9. So if I want An A7RII, An A6300, the G master lenses and Strobies S1 with beauty dish, 3 wireless HSS triggers from nissin, 2 Sony HVL 60’s and the Batis 25… I’d only pay 150 a month?

  10. I wouldn’t call this “Netflix of Camera Gear.” It is more like Columbia House Music Club of camera gear, or as Mama Gump may put it, “A box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

  11. Sounds like stitch fix but for photogrpahy, you tell them what you want/like and they decide what to send you based on that. You can send back or buy, it’s interesting but I don’t have that kind of expendable cash to hope I get what I need/want for shoots.

  12. Depends on how much gear you can have at any one time, if we’re talking a pro body, trinity, a pro prime and accessories this will be the deal. Basically a variable lease.

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