Sample Image Gallery: Fujifilm X-T10

10 thoughts on Sample Image Gallery: Fujifilm X-T10

  1. I love how everyone is commenting about the collar (which don’t get me wrong, I agree) but nothing about the camera… Either way, gonna get to play with this soon; just got a floor model sent to my Best Buy that I work at.

  2. Well, I am gratified I am not the only one who paused and thought… “nope, you’re not going to win my favour with this image”. A pit bull in a pinch collar is not an image I promote.

    The necessity of the collar reminds us how pit bulls are unpredictable and powerful predators, and the use of the collar as ornamentation is very disturbing.

    The only legitimate use of that collar is during active training. It should not ever be used for regular purposes. Ever.

    If the dog is prone to pulling, then it needs to be trained, not painfully restrained. If the dog is unpredictable… well.. that is a whole other story.

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