Turn a Pelican Case Into a Tether Station with a $2 Bicycle Quick Release Bolt

12 thoughts on Turn a Pelican Case Into a Tether Station with a $2 Bicycle Quick Release Bolt

  1. or you can screw the peice that attaches camera to tripod to the case directly , seal with water proof caulking and eliminate the cutting board . may need a spacer .so you can operate the release latch . this way it saves a perfectly good tripod

  2. This is not a 2$ solution. Add tripod head and other construction materials. There’s also an easier way: get a cheap laptop tray from eBay, you know, the 2$ Chinese copy kind. Stick a few strips of Velcro on it, stick the other side of the Velcro to your case, and you have a waterproof cheap solution without dismantle long your tripod head.

  3. You need to take everything out to attach it, it damages waterpoofness, unstable and surely if weight is everything you dont take a tether station? Or just attach it to a tripod shoe. I cant help but think the effort of asembling this on a snowy mountain would more of an issue than just using your viewfinder…. who needs tether up a mountain?!

  4. It’s a great idea not just for those moments when you are on a mountain but also when traveling and doing portraits of sports teams, family portraits etc. For those of us who are feeding our families with our image making and have serious clients who we have to answer to and aren’t doing $50 shoots, all sorts of tricks like this are helpful. And of course, if you only have one case, don’t put a hole in it, but for some of us who have 5 or 6 like myself, it can be a dedicated piece for just this. I use to rubber washers, two metal washers and a small bolt and wing nut to reseal when not being used and it is still water tight.

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