Should You Go to College to Become a Photographer?

21 thoughts on Should You Go to College to Become a Photographer?

  1. A well planned internet education will get you to where you want to be faster than anything colleges currently offer….educational models need to change drastically leveraging the vast amount of upto date quality information available on the internet at reasonable cost. If they want to keep up and stay relevant I would advise training establishments to build educational environments with a facilitating approach to running a career… industry awareness, technical skills, finance, marketing and strategic planning and action….all are important.

  2. Yea….this is one of those topics that is not black and white. I went to college for photography…wouldn’t change a thing. Would I have been as successful if I didn’t? Possibly. I loved the college experience and got to focus on my passion (photography). I am now making a living for the last 30 years, also focusing on my passion (photography). Can you be successful without a formal education in Photography? Absolutely. Can you be sucesssful with a formal education in Photography? Absolutely. You do you.

  3. im retired military. i tried the college thing for photography i ran into these problems. !. you dont get a photography degree you get a buisness degree. 2. i also found i was already shooting better than the people trying to teach. i actually had to explain hdr to one instructor. 3. the school couldent wrap their head around the idea that i wanted to get better at photography and i wasent chasing a piece of paper. at the end of the day all the schooling dosent matter if your photos are shit.

  4. Never ever ever ever go to college for any arts. Only go for trades, medical or professional degrees. I thank my younger self for not going into serious debt to take photography 15 years ago.

  5. Hahaha. I’ll save you the click, no. Don’t waste your money on college for photography. Taking some classes will benefit you but getting a degree will only make you more poor than the guy who is self taught doing the same thing.

  6. Like others said, education online is more essential than any college photography classes I’ve seen around here. I’m glad I didn’t put myself in debt!

  7. I like the comment about a business/ entrpreneurial type degree might benefit an artist. I agree that learning to essentially run a business is what’s going to keep us doing what we love to do.

  8. Many of the greats either never went or dropped out of college – Walker Evans dropped out – was later appointed Professor at Yale. Here is his take (interview with Yale) –
    Yale: What do you tell your students?

    W.E.: First of all, I tell them that art can’t be taught, but that it can be stimulated and a few barriers can be kicked down by a talented teacher, and an atmosphere can be created which is an opening into artistic action. But the thing itself is such a secret and so unapproachable. And you can’t put talent into anybody. I think you ought to say so right away and then try to do something else. And that’s what a university is for, what it should be — a place for stimulation and an exchange of ideas and a chance to give people the privilege of beginning to take some of the richness of general life that’s in everybody and has to be unlocked.

  9. People spend thousands on workshops. Just make sure it is worth it for you and do it for the network and mentors. If it’s all experience anyway, and it benefits you..go for it. Just make sure the benefit is there. Besides it employs the pro photographers 😉

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