Fort Lauderdale, #Florida. USA. 2000. © #ConstantineManos/ #MagnumPhotos

18 thoughts on Fort Lauderdale, #Florida. USA. 2000. © #ConstantineManos/ #MagnumPhotos

  1. To all my friends and their family’s in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Jamaica, Haiti … I hope you will all be safe from, hurricane Mathew.
    #Florida #southcarolina #northcarolina #Jamaica #Haiti #matthew #hurricane

  2. This image manages to capture the “feel” of Ft. Lauderdale while remaining abstract. It’s got that Florida light, which might just be a subtle combo of humidity and reflected texture from those Florida pastel colored stucco walls. The cigarette plays into it as well; that’s the calling card of many of the older snowbirds, or at least it was when I spent time there in the 90s. I love this thing. It is raw Florida, or at least the raw Fort Lauderdale that I experienced as a kid.

  3. Every time Magnum post any photo thats even slightly abstract theres always at least one asshole who thinks he knows everything about photography thats says ‘whats good about this?’

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