Kanye Shot His Own Album Cover Pic with His iPhone at the Last Minute

Kanye shot his own album cover photo on his iPhone.

Kanye Shot His Own Album Cover Pic with His iPhone at the Last Minute

Rapper Kanye West just released his eighth studio album yesterday. Titled Ye, the album’s cover photo is rather unusual because it was shot by Kanye himself… using his iPhone… on the way to a listening party for the album. The cover image shows snowy mountains in the distance behind the words: “…

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23 thoughts on Kanye Shot His Own Album Cover Pic with His iPhone at the Last Minute

  1. To be fair, there is something kind of counter-intuitive about spending months creating an album and then slapping someone else’s art on the cover. If you want it to be completely yours, you have to do it all.

  2. I mean, cant stand him and its maybe not the work of some amazing tog, but it is his album with his artwork so i can understand why a creative would want to do it all.

  3. As much as I dislike Kanye, I actually fail to see what the issue is here. There have been far worse Album covers.

    All I’m reading is a bunch of salty Kanye hating photographers….

  4. The articles stopped being interesting a while ago and I wondered when I’d tire of reading the comments section, which became the best part of petapixel. Here it is. You’ve jumped the shark.

  5. Ha awesome. He’s not taking work away from me, but he wants to make his cover art, that’s cool. If I was in his position, I’d do the same thing…

  6. Did he say it looks like a professional picture? I think the take away here for those of us that care about quality imaging is that it matters less and less to even some major corporate clients. I saw a fb ad for JC Penny recently that didn’t look much better than this. I can only assume they actually did it on purpose. THAT is what we pros should be worrying and talking about.

  7. Any one who ever just read a book about fonts, justification, poster layout, … Or ever took a photo would look at this sorry sod and say ‘wtf, why?’ But then everything is clear when one realises it’s another iPhone add and was just put here for us petapixel crew to harry and comment about … Love the comments getting to be a real plus on facebook… And the content hilariously irrelevant… As far as the text I’m surprised he didn’t mention his brand of anti-depressants

  8. Bipolarity is a mental disorder.
    „During mania, an individual behaves or feels abnormally energetic, happy, or irritable. Individuals often make poorly thought out decisions with little regard to the consequences. The need for sleep is usually reduced during manic phases“ (Wikipedia)

    If you had to design a cover, what do you think makes more sense, a beautifully crafted, dehazed, landscape image and a title, set using a nice modern font?

    Or maybe a random iphone shot of a random landscape, taken early in the morning and a nervously scrawled note?

  9. It’s an album cover. Not a piece of art. Not a portrait, not a million dollar potato. It’s gonna be a tiny little square nobody will pay attention to on Spotify. However, it’ll do the trick and already has more people talking about his album than if it’d had some artsy portrait of himself on it.

  10. Why TF is this an article on petapixle?? It’s not a good image. It’s an aggressively mediocre image, with no real thought put into it.. at least the articles about magazine covers being shot in iPhone where somewhat interesting because those are professionals challenging themselves by using no pro gear. This.. this is just begging for hate…

  11. Thankfully for me husbands are still taking pictures for their wives on iPhones and the wives still hire me because the husband cant take a decent picture with an iPhone or any device. Why does anyone even care about an album cover enough to write about it? Need some better things to fill out your day!

  12. Genius. He got all you guys in the comment section to talk about this, even though you say you don’t care (obvious you do, very much). And the part that is more hilarious is that the majority of you that claims to be photographers, and hating on the quality, are not able to take a photo with a “real” camera that is better than an automatic iPhone picture. I’m not a fan of Kanye, not at all. But this cover is pure genius.

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