Nikon Confirms Their Mirrorless Camera Is Coming by Spring 2019

16 thoughts on Nikon Confirms Their Mirrorless Camera Is Coming by Spring 2019

  1. I love Nikon, and I have been using Nikon since 1993. They have taken their lumps lately and frankly they deserve a lot of the criticism. What I would love to see is the DF done correctly. Without the mirror, they can actually match the size of something like the F2 or the FM3A. They could then keep the F mount. I know the rumors mention the new Z mount so I don’t think this likely, but man, I would love it.

  2. Too little too late!
    Shot Nikon for over 20 year’s but with Sony’s a7rii we decide on switching and really can’t see them coming out with anything this late in the game to make us want to switch back.

  3. Canon and Nikon are using fuji and Sony as their templates. They will be functional bodies. But both major brands have serious things to address to ensure their new systems can compete

  4. my wish is a mirrorless D5m or mirrorless “D6m” with F mount. is it so difficult with all the know how Nikon has ? l hope they do not copy Sony !

  5. Probably too little too late. I have almost completely switched to mirrorless, but I still have my Nikon lenses should they come up with something good

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