Nikon Trademarks ‘Noct’ for New Cameras and Lenses

Nikon’s full frame mirrorless may be a low-light monster.

Nikon Trademarks ‘Noct’ for New Cameras and Lenses

Nikon has filed a trademark application in the European Union for the word “Noct.” With the company’s full-frame mirrorless camera around the corner, it seems likely this new trademark filing may be related to the new camera system. Nikon Rumors reports that the filing emerged on Friday, May 18th, w…

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22 thoughts on Nikon Trademarks ‘Noct’ for New Cameras and Lenses

  1. That’s kind of a stretch in assumptions for this name.
    I’m sure they will claim it’s good in low light but I doubt they’re going to pidgenhole their new system into a specific use.

  2. Well if they’re still using SONY sensors then yeah it probably will be a low-light monster. SONY Sensor’s are the best in the world. Funny that a major camera company like Nikon has to rely on competitors sensors just to stay relevant.

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