No, I Didn’t Fake This Lava Photo

22 thoughts on No, I Didn’t Fake This Lava Photo

  1. The camera is a tool but it’s up to the photographer how he can tweak it to what he wanted. If he can get that in P mode, then it’s quite impossible but he is using M mode, all under his control. 😀

  2. NASA apod worthy!!!!
    Ok, Mark I read the article, I’m a fellow astrophotographer , a hobbyist. Great job here, tell me you were #APOD already for this.

  3. Beautiful work!!! Is a dang shame that people have to explain themselves instead of people just Appreciating a absolutely stunning image for exactly what it is!!! Bravo my friend and fantastic work!!!

  4. That’s an amazing image, but I’m curious about one thing. Why is there a thin bright line along the edge between the mountains and the sky? That makes it look like a composite to me. I can’t imagine why such a high contrast line like that would exist naturally. Otherwise, it’s an absolutely stunning image.

  5. The problem with a photo like this is when its this good, we too used to seeing people fake it to get it… So doubt creeps in right away. Old cliché if its too good to be true then it isn’t.

    In this case Im going to take the guys word and raw image as proof to say he was in the right place at the right time with the right settings to get a superb picture and kudus to him….

  6. An ex-girlfriend of mine doesn’t believe these photos of the Milkyway/ galaxy are real. I wanted take her hand, compassionately look deep into her eyes and call her a moron.

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