The Nik Collection is No Longer Free, But It’s Alive

24 thoughts on The Nik Collection is No Longer Free, But It’s Alive

  1. Is DxO going to rate itself a 100? I’m not sure I see a $69 value in this collection; sounds like DxO is bailing themselves out at the expense of loyal Nik users.

  2. The article does not say that they actually made any functional changes, this in particular “It was necessary to recover and recompile source code that had not been maintained for a long time” suggests that they were doing no more than making the code buildable and maintainable in order to make it work with current software, something that should have been done when the software was acquired.

  3. they are charging for a bug fix/compatibility patch.
    it’s an incremental upgrade from 1.2.12 (free) to 1.2.14($$$) and offers no new functionality at all.
    and for those of us that paid for it before it went free, this is really insulting.
    now if they went version 2.0, offered new stuff, etc.. I’d be willing to
    shell out some cash

  4. I’m pissed, I paid 149$ to google for a software with lifetime free upgrades. Upgrades I did have for a long time. Google put it free and I was already pissed for paying full price, but now I would have to pay again to DxO?

  5. To be honest… they will loose more now as there is not only nothing new but even less then in free Google version – e.g. there is no Polish language version. I hope that new Adobe profiles made in last update for Lightroom will be expanded more. I’m not against making Nik Collection paid, but they should offer more for the beginning if they want peaople to pay for it. Specially when old version still works with Adobe…

  6. Nothing new, not even the UI updated (font size on 4k Displays) and they want to see money? Asking myself for what I should pay even a single penny for this … ?

  7. i d/l’d color efex pro a cpl week’s ago and can’t believe how terrible it is.

    so what’s the hype about?

    i’ve heard silver efex pro is actually good for B&Ws. is that true??

  8. I don’t know why people are upset. I paid 149.00 when it was still Nik owned and updated for free when purchased by Google. I was very happy when DXO purchased a no longer updated or supported software that many people were still using. I do not expect a company to put in the resources required to bring it up to date with todays OS updates and the need to pay for those updates. I am OK with it being updated with fix’s first and am looking forward to additional functions in the future. My current copy (a Google Version) is still working so will hold off until the next updated version is out they will pay for the upgrade. Very happy to be able to continue to use Silver Efx Pro.

  9. The new version is by DxO. Not a soul will buy that thing, especially since Google is still providing the 2017 version for free.
    Update: apparently google has removed it. Still you can find it online.

  10. I getting screwed twice – I bought it from Google for $149 and then they release it for free, Now DXO wants me to buy it again – I don’t think so.

  11. I’m using the free version without any particular issues. What about speed in that update? What about next updates? What will be in next updates? Next updates will require another payment? Good developers, zero marketing.

  12. I’m pissed too… I already paid Niksoftware for this suite and this morning I bought it again from DxO because I read they optimized the code and brought it up2date… but I can not feel anything different in speed, GUI whatsoever but a hole in my wallet 🙁

  13. I understand the frustration of users who paid for earlier versions, but come on people- NIK sold out to Google, and Google abandoned this software. Your choices were to have a partially functionally older version, or pay a $49 upgrade fee to make the software compatible with modern OS and host applications. If you use and love these filters, it’s a no-brainer to receive a new lease on life for them. If you’re upset, you’re upset with Google and NIK. All DXO did was rescue a program from the trash heap and give it new life.

  14. I bought the whole suite individually from Nik and paid almost $400 so people stop complaining about $49. Did you really expect Dxo to give it away for free. They probably had to buy it from Google and then had to pay their coders to upgrade it so they deserve to make some money from it. Be glad its back and hopefully they will upgrade it with new things in the future.

  15. It’s amazing processing software… I still have the old free Google install file and the latest free DxO install file. I would be glad to pay if the updates were big, but they seem almost like… Nothing was updated?

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