How to Use a Phone Screen for Magical Portraits

23 thoughts on How to Use a Phone Screen for Magical Portraits

  1. I’ve been using this trick since 2 years and you’re telling it as if it’s quite a new one. Or should I say “Good Morning” to you people for waking up now?

  2. My only criticism out of those photos is in one of the shots, a man has the reflection of his head coming out of his crotch and another guy in the same photo it’s almost happening. Otherwise, I quite like all the other photos!

  3. Cool…but why not just do this in post production so you don’t ‘ruin’ the shot?
    Super easy.

    It’s like shooting in black and white…can’t go back to color if shot in b/w.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks these are mostly crumby photos that look like a child’s manipulation with photoshop?

    I would not have been impressed with floating portraits if our wedding photographer presented these to us.

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