Children playing on waste ground. Middlesbrough, England. 1976. © #PhilipJonesG…

24 thoughts on Children playing on waste ground. Middlesbrough, England. 1976. © #PhilipJonesG…

  1. Amazing picture. It would be nice if parents nowadays would understand that taking pictures to kids is not done for evil reasons, but for documentary or artistic purposes. I am trying to imagine taking a picture like this nowadays, doing it would mean either a parent trying to hit you or filing a restraining order against you.

  2. It’s actually Grangetown. .. A poverty stricken town 8 miles east of Middlesbrough, you can tell by the background hills & buildings. I should know … This was taken 1yr after my birth and 26yrs before I packed up and left the area for good. It is still one of the most deprived areas in the EU today. I shot my first portfolio from those hills.

  3. He is such a perplexing photographer and storyteller. My partner Martyn and I, went to an exhibition of his at the Aberystwyth University Library in September 2015. Even though it was nearly too poignant in nature, especially so after I spent some time traveling in Vietnam, I left there feeling profoundly touched and teary-eyed.

  4. This is an amazing picture. The lines from the bridge, the triangle from the ropes and the dog breaking the composition. Beautiful high contrast… Again, digital can never capture the grain as of film. Long live film and long live magnum.

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