3 Tips to Take Better Landscape Photos Regardless of the Weather

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3 helpful tips to create lovely Landscapes regardless of the weather that you’re served up with.

PS: Show us your best ‘bad weather’ landscape below to prove it can be done!

3 Tips to Take Better Landscape Photos Regardless of the Weather

Photographers are a special type of people that usually pay a lot of attention to detail. They’re also known to be patient and perseverant. However, in my opinion, landscape photographers are a unique breed. I’m sure that only a hand full of people are willing to hike 10 miles with 25 pounds of …

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13 thoughts on 3 Tips to Take Better Landscape Photos Regardless of the Weather

  1. I shot this while on vacation in Galway, Ireland last year. It was raining intermittently as we were walking through the town square. This flower caught my eye, so I got out my phone (Galaxy S8) and snapped it. The tiny water droplets really added a nice touch.

    Astonishingly, I didn’t do any post processing at all. I only cropped it to a 4×6 ratio.

  2. Oh, I guess the assignment was *landscape* photos. Here’s one from March, taken in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. It was raining when we arrived but turned into light sprinkles by this time. I really like the drama the lingering rain clouds added to the scene.

  3. A bit embarrassed to post this–taken years ago on one of those teeny tiny, old school pocket cameras. We set out in the rain, and got soaked all the way up the ridge that day. But then we were rewarded with the rainbow. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and brave the elements. Wish I’d had the skills (and camera) to really capture a fab photo of that moment.

  4. With todays camera technology, HDR is no longer needed. I used to play with 3-5 exposures, using all the techniques to avoid camera shake. Cameras pack such a high dynamic range nowadays that can pull all of the details in shadows and highlights!

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