How to Buy Used Camera Gear

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Tips for buying used camera gear. In this article we cover:

📸 Price checking items on reputable online sources
📸 Check out the local classified ads
📸 How to Determine Used Lens and Camera Quality

Have you ever bought used gear? What advice would you give?

How to Buy Used Camera Gear

Even though the prices of digital photography equipment continue to fall significantly, it can be a tough to dole out a thousand plus dollars on a brand new camera or lens. On the positive side, camera gear (especially lenses) retains its value really well. As a result, there’s almost always a sur…

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4 thoughts on How to Buy Used Camera Gear

  1. I’ve bought my last 2 camera second hand. 1 was ex-demo from a shop, and was half the price of a brand new one, perfect, and very happy with it. The other camera was a good price, and has been well looked after. My previous camera was bought brand new, and lasted me for many years. Buying 2nd hand means I can upgrade when I see a bargain, and still get some money for my older gear. I actually gave my old camera to a friend who’s doing a photographic degree. It was only worth maybe €100 but she really appreciated it.

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