How to cut anything out in Photoshop

How to cut anything out in Photoshop

How to cut anything out in Photoshop

Making selections in Photoshop gets easier with each passing year thanks to better tools. But, there are times when more precise selections are needed, most notably when there’s hair or fur involved in the photograph you’re trying to cut out. For times like these, more robust means of selection are required.
To help show off a handful of methods to achieve these more precise selections, Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics has made a helpful tutorial.
Coming in at ten minutes long, the video showcases numerous methods for ensuring you get the best selection possible. Photoshop’s Magic Wand? Check. Selections based on channels? Check.
You never know when one method won’t work, so having multiple in your arsenal is a great way to ensure you never get stuck for hours on editing a shot when a few minutes with a different tool would work better. …

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