53 Free Wings for Compositing

53 Free Wings for Compositing

53 Free Wings for Compositing

More great news today, we are trying something new with the store: Splash packages
We are still running our 30% off sale and we are doing our first splash package. This is a FREE wings for compositing package available for 24 hours only. Then we take it off. You can download it and tell your friends so they can get it too. Sharing, and making people happy, as you can tell, is a big part of our business.
In 24 hours it will be gone.
When we put it on again, we will make a notification on our store’s Facebook page, and this will be the only way to get it. So to get future splash free packages, like the page and mark it for “receive notifications”.

Each wing set is a PSD file with alpha channel selection already provided by Peter Brownz Braunschmid
Here is a quick overview of the package:

Now. go get the package, like the page and create something beautiful

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