Getty Under Fire for World Cup ‘Sexiest Fans’ Gallery

18 thoughts on Getty Under Fire for World Cup ‘Sexiest Fans’ Gallery

  1. Look, everyone commenting here is a man, same as me. I am attracted to women but I don’t like the way they are constantly portrayed as “sexy or not sexy”. Women, like men, are much more than that. I have a daughter and I would hate if the only thing men could see in her is her sexual appeal. As men, would you like to be portrayed constantly as, say, tough guy or looser? This is not about being offended, this is about changing demeaning perceptions of a particular group of people.

  2. What if there was a group of people who get offended when someone apologizes for offending?.. would the circle close and no one would give a shit any more?

  3. Yeah, no one is better than any other in any way. We are all the same, otherwise you are racist, bigot, hater and whatever… Pssssht. Or at least don’t say it out loud, it’s a crime of thought.

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