The Ultimate Guide for Not Buying a New Camera

20 thoughts on The Ultimate Guide for Not Buying a New Camera

  1. The story is geared towards amateurs. You know what, a high end camera might not make you a better photographer but it may inspire you to shoot more which in fact may make you a better photographer. If someone has the money why not get a great camera. And anyone who says there is no difference is clueless. A d40 will not out perform a d4. If nothing else the agility gained in the responsiveness will increase the odds of catching a fleeting moment. Also, carrying pro gear opens doors which allows photos others might not be able to get. In short buy the best camera you can afford and ignore the naysayers.

    IG Thorp_Photo

  2. i see a lot of people every week asking…. is this camera better then my camera… And everytime, i show them a comparison. same subject, same lens (nikon 135 f2). one shot with d40 and one on D4. Most can’t even see the difference. It’s a good way to start the explanation has for why it wont make a big difference to change body.

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