Hilarious Condom-Challenge Portraits

Hilarious Condom-Challenge Portraits

Hilarious Condom-Challenge Portraits

Looking to make people laugh by combining humor and art, commercial photographer and digital artist Andreas Varro created the ‘Condom Challenge’ photography project.
While the condom challenge, the internet’s latest craze, mostly makes people look stupid online, Andreas used it to create these awesome photos.

According to Wikipedia the condom challenge dates back as far as 2006, but it’s been making its rounds again for the past month or so. The challenge, which is not intended to raise awareness for anything other than viral fails, involves dropping a water-filled condom on a person’s head and hope it will stay. And that the person won’t choke.
But, as is often the case, some things are cool when done in the name of art. The condom challenge is one of them.

Andreas’s series includes a few ‘successful’ attempts, as well as hilarious fails, all beautifully lit and captured in his s …

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  1. Seriously “DIY?” I just noticed you had something on lighting back grounds, which other than sounding like a commercial at times was decent. Then this. Seriously, it’s leaked specs, rumors, drone news and clickbait.

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