9 Super-Useful Real-Life Uses for a Clamp

9 Super-Useful Real-Life Uses for a Clamp

9 Super-Useful Real-Life Uses for a Clamp

A clamp is one of those few pieces of gear that will divide your life in two; before and after you got one.
Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it really is a must-have piece of kit in any photographer’s or filmmaker’s camera bag.
In this next video Griffith Hammond shares with us nine of the ways he uses the ‘most versatile piece of gear’, the clamp.
Rather than just compile a list Griffin shares with us examples from various assignments, including some he did for Bloomberg. These are all real life scenarios that will help you realize you need one (or another one) of these in your bag as well.

1. Turn Any Light Stand Into a Tripod
I’ve done this a bunch of times. Perfect for when you need another tripod, or even if you just want to mount to camera on the same tripod.

2. The Chair Trick
Same as the above, but for those days wh …

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