Can Photographers Still Make Money With Stock Photography?

15 thoughts on Can Photographers Still Make Money With Stock Photography?

  1. The times have changed and there have been innovations left and right to make things easier for the mainstream. But have the photographers innovated just as much? That is the question. Whatever a photographer does in this day and age should amaze peoples minds as much as it would have 50 years ago. I don’t know what that is yet but there’s got to be stuff out there.

  2. I get contacted all the time from businesses who sell wall art and advertising to clients. They always ask for publishing rights for my images. When I say “sure no problem, my cost is X payable to my PayPal account and then I’ll send you over the original print ready file” they never contact me again and don’t buy. I set the price very low too just to see if I can get anyone to come through, but in reality they don’t want to pay anything for the images at all. They’ll always rave about the picture and tell you how it would be “just PERFECT for their project” before you tell them it costs money, as if their compliment would be payment enough. As I always say though, we won’t be able to make any money as photographers as long as there’s someone out there who will do it for free just so they can see their name in print. We’ve all got to stick together and actually charge for our work. What’s 20 years of experience and $60-$70k invested over the years worth anyways? To me it isn’t free, that’s for sure.

  3. For now. The growth of low-balling stock outfits who wind up paying little or nothing for images AND owning the copyright make me believe that those days are numbered–for now.

  4. Larraine is absolutely right….
    Everybody with a Camera on their Phone. … “thinks” they’re a “Photographer”….
    I have been doing this for 37 years , and I run into these road blocks every day….

  5. I’ve never had problems making money. I think if you really love photography you need invest time learning different types of photography. If you’re gonna be worried about a guy with an I Phone or Steve…someone’s cousin. I don’t think you’re confident enough on what you’re selling. What’s work for me is that I do many different things when it comes to photography. Not only does that guarantee constant cash flow but I never get bored. Most times I don’t even feel employed. Been doing this since 1991 BTW.

  6. Make sure your using a legit and ethical site to market your images and do not settle for no royalties. It would be very hard to get rich in today’s market but that does not mean you should get ripped off.

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