GB. England. Kent. Margate. Dreamland. January 2009. (© @MarktPower/ #MagnumPho…

16 thoughts on GB. England. Kent. Margate. Dreamland. January 2009. (© @MarktPower/ #MagnumPho…

  1. I get the irony behind it but that just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s a nice composition but not compelling at all. It doesn’t tell me anything except what I already know; time changes everything, even “Dreamland” so if anyone can tell me why this photo is actually interesting, please do.

  2. For those that aren’t aware, Dreamland is a well known landmark in Margate and has recently undergone major restoration. This is how it looked a while back: stark, brutal, unloved and unpopulated. It’s not a picture that I care for but it is a study of form, basically a composition of thirds, largely monochrome but for the Dreamland sign which seems at odds with the drab concrete and dull sky and is synonymous with many a British seaside town, out of season and somewhat run-down.

  3. God knows I love the US but several US comment there make me despair. This isn’t the best photo ever taken but it has a level of creeping ambiguity that is disturbing – and thats why he took it

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