The Best Way to Safely Clean Your Camera’s Sensor

13 thoughts on The Best Way to Safely Clean Your Camera’s Sensor

  1. Literally just get some clean makeup brushes, mirror up, camera face down, and wipe in horizonal squeegee-style strokes, with little pressure.

    It’s really not that hard.

  2. all sensors have huge hunks of glass on top of them, you never actually touch the sensor. never be afraid to use a tiny bit of pressure when wiping your sensor. the same amount of force you’d use on a computer monitor. It takes A LOT to fuck up a sensor cleaning. understand that the manufacturer built your lightbox and sensor with ease of cleaning in mind.

  3. Go to a professional every six months.. My place usually does free once a year so it only costs me $70 for the whole year.. Considering what the visible dust products costs plus shipping from Canada its a deal

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