photographingGOD Photography

Florida & New York Based Photographer

Greg Pai

Hello! I am professional photographer specializing in weddings & events, lifestyle portraiture, behind-the-scenes (film, TV, and live performance), commercial, editorial, and fine art photography around the world. I am also a humanitarian and the founder of the popular webSIGHT photographingGOD® which endeavors to inspire and connect all cultures, faiths, and beliefs using the power of imagery.

photographingGOD® endeavors to inspire its audience to grow a deeper relationship with their purpose, peace, passions, the global community of humanity, and the awesome world around them through powerful imagery and inspirations. I believe my purpose as a recognized photographer is to do more than just snap beautiful images, but to inspire a global revolution that honors and respects the beauty of our precious species and perfectly designed world.

Technology is quickening every aspect of our lives and thrusting us into a “Snap Chat” existence where we are snapping and chatting our lives away. Yes – Just like the app! As a result, we are forgetting how to see and feel. We are becoming desensitized to the world around us, and disconnected from our own potential and each other.

As a counter-cultural solution, my technology team and I have developed the EyeQ app which will change the way we capture, collect, enjoy, and share imagery. It is designed to put the “social” back into media! Stay tuned for its impending release.Technology creates competition for our attention. It has the potential to overwhelm our senses. We live in a time where we are taking more photographs in a single year than the sum total of the 50 years that preceded. Yet – we are generally spending less than 3 seconds enjoying an image and printing less photographs than ever. As a result, we are becoming increasingly desensitized to the world around us and inside of us. We are forgetting how to see & feel! What does this mean for our children’s future? What does this mean for humanity?