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Renowned Photographer

Greg Pai

Greg is a professional photographer and founder of the popular webSIGHT photographingGOD visited by millions around the world and with 500,000 followers on Facebook. His expertise is in portraiture, private and corporate events (e.g., weddings, functions, shows, etc.), BTS (for film, TV, and live performance), documentary, commercial, and fine art photography. Greg’s clients range from the most discerning individuals to corporations and celebrities. His decades of experience and versatility make him a differentiated choice for nearly any assignment. His gifted eye for color, light, and patterns inspire him to expand the rules of composition and often break them. He has mastered the art and science of capturing the perfect moment. His images possess their own energy and motion. His work has taken him to over 60 countries where he often integrates humanitarian and cross-cultural efforts. His heart for people and all of creation sits right in the center of his image-making experience. He truly believes that photography and imagery can inspire a life and even make for a better world. It is no wonder that some have called him the “Anthony Bourdain” of photography.