Lifestyle & Commercial Portraiture, Weddings & Private Functions, Corporate Events, BTS (Film, TV, and Live Performance), Commercial, and Fine Art Photography

We do not need to be posed.

Only inspired...

-Greg Pai

Photo Sessions (Portraiture, Weddings, Events, Commercial & Product, etc.)

Greg applies a "journalistic" style to photo sessions in an effort to capture the uniqueness and spontaneity of the human condition. His ability to freeze our most natural moments is recognizable throughout his broad range of portfolios and assignments. Greg maximizes the beauty and availability of natural light, occasionally using fill lighting and modifiers to compensate for certain conditions and effects. Photo sessions are booked based on the session length in hours and the total number of images the client desires. Packages are available to meet nearly every need and budget. Greg provides his services throughout the world. Inquire about multi-day rates and services for your specific destination assignment (e.g., wedding, event, family travel, reportage/documentary assignments, etc.).

Visit Greg's Portfolios and Collections on this site to experience the potential of your personal or corporate project.

Photo Excursions & Workshops

Greg creates and leads custom and pre-designed photography experiences throughout the world for all levels of interest and expertise. You will be by his side while he shares his approach to "the art of seeing" or technical programs of various levels that focus on subject, color, pattern, and/or lighting. Programs can be designed for 1 to 12 participants lasting for 1 to 3 hours.

Fine Art & Design

Choose from a hand-selected collection of limited edition fine art prints by Greg Pai on the site or commission Greg to fulfill the specific needs of your own or client's design objectives. Greg's experience ranges from residential to hospitality and corporate projects. Projects are generally quoted on a per image basis however, alternative proposals are welcomed for larger projects. Bring your walls to life!


Behind The Scenes For Film, TV, and Events

Over 25 years of experience on all sides of the entertainment industry gives Greg a 360 degree perspective to the role of a behind the scenes photographer like few have had. Greg sees the role of Still Photographer on any project as a serious and powerful complement to the documentation and marketing of the endeavor. Greg fully understands the needs and sensitivities of talent and crew having worked with the biggest names in the industry across film, television, music, and live performance. Furthermore, Greg never compromises the creative output he produces in spite of these nuances while he searches for the "the single forward moving moment in every scene that defines the purpose of the scene." Greg's rates and services can be customized to meet the budget of your project regardless of size.

Contact Greg for additional information and rates.

International Tours

Journey with Greg and his team to far away lands or hidden gems not to far from your backyard to see and capture the world in a way you never traveled before. These 5 to 14 day tours are designed to attract the discerning traveler who wants to expand their horizons as well as their photographic skills and senses. Whether you are an iPhone photographer or the full-time professional, these tours are for you. Focus is placed on the art of seeing (with and without a camera), training for different subject types and techniques, cultural and cross-cultural engagement, and inspirational and motivational tools.

Contact Greg for additional information.

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