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Popular Photography [SPONSORED] Sony Artisan Don Smith says the A7R II full-frame mirrorless camera sees landscapes the way he sees landscapes. Download the latest issue of Alpha Universe for the whole story! Download the Latest Issue of Alpha Universe! An online community to discover and share amazing photographs with like-minded photography enthusiasts. Read More at Popular Photography

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Popular Photography Download the May issue of Alpha Universe (Sponsored) Sony | Alpha Universe | Home An online community to discover and share amazing photographs with like-minded photography enthusiasts. Read More at Popular Photography

Sigma to launch two new 14mm f/1.8 and 135mm f/1.8 ART prime lenses in 2017

DIYPhotography Time to start saving! Sigma to launch two new 14mm f/1.8 and 135mm f/1.8 ART prime lenses in 2017 It looks like the Sigma range of Art lenses is about to get a little more interesting. Sony Alpha Rumors have been informed by “reliable sources” that Sigma will be introducing two new lenses to the lineup this year. A 14mm f/1.8 and a 135mm f/1.8. If true, these can both expect to be rather popula… Read More at DIY […]

Manfrotto and Sony team up to make accessories for Sony Alpha cameras

Manfrotto and Sony team up to make accessories for Sony Alpha cameras Manfrotto and Sony team up to make accessories for Sony Alpha cameras After buying Joby and Lowepro, Manfrotto’s owner Vitec Photographic has announced its collaboration with Sony. The two companies will work together with the goal to develop a new line of tripods, plates and heads for Sony Alpha cameras, and the expected launch is in 2018. Marco Pezzana, CEO Vitec Gr… Link to the full Popular Photography […]

Sony Releases Firmware Updates for Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

Lookie here Sony Alpha shooters. Sony Releases Firmware Updates for Alpha Mirrorless Cameras After updating the firmware for many of their lenses just a couple weeks ago, Sony today has released firmware updates for many of their popular full-frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras. The updates mainly focus on overheating indicator issues as well as resolving the “star eater” problem that was in… Link to the full Fstoppers story

Camera Test: Sony Alpha 6300

Camera Test: Sony Alpha 6300 Camera Test: Sony Alpha 6300 Link to the full Popular Photography story

The World According To The World. A Frightening Look.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to, I think most of us can agree that civilization is becoming increasingly self-destructive. I suppose we may have been more barbaric in the distant past (and that may be debatable). Yet, has man’s creation of increasingly complex systems including government, finance & economics, health & medicine, organized religion, education, agriculture, commerce, technology, science, communications, media, and transportation, promoted progress for the human race? Is progress leaving anyone behind? Are we eradicating sickness and poverty; improving the quality, […]

God Is…

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

No God?

Photo Credit: Dan Park (New York, USA)

Business Hours

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Smile, and Put Your Best Foot Forward…

Did you know that a photo of your feet can capture you at your best?

If You Happen To Be Staring At The Sunset…

God performs in the round. 360 degrees of miracles!  

What Makes All The Difference?

I couldn’t, but then I did. I can’t, but now I do. I won’t, but now I will. The only difference my God… is You!”

Where Is The City Of True Love?

Cities are such marvelous expressions of man’s ability to create. God gives us amazing gifts of engineering, craftsmanship, design, and vision. Above the enormous complexity of any city however, is its personality which comes to life when you add people and culture to the architecture. People always ask, “where is the best place you have ever traveled?” My typical response is “Everywhere!” That said, I do have different take-aways from each city and can often understand why a certain city […]

Don’t Make Waves. Photograph Them!

What were you doing when you were 25 years old? Well, I was making waves and not really observing them. However, when I got a chance to go to the ocean’s edge, I can remember the crashing sounds yielded by each wave’s immense force. Yet, I was missing the visual brilliance each wave displays as it’s individual fingerprint on the world. The shape; the spectrum of color; the reflections and diffraction of light. When we absorb photographs of these ocean phenomena, we can see the power that […]

Photography Provides A Portal To Many Realities For Most Of Us

The power of photography extends far past simply being an extraordinary visual art. For nearly all of us, it provides the only access to the glory or horror of the many concurrent world events we would otherwise have no way to witness. I believe that more than words or film, photos can freeze a particular moment, impress it into our present conscience, and move us emotionally as no other stimuli can. The use of photography during the Civil Rights Era, the Holocaust, the many […]

Do You Have A Train To Catch?

I know. Easier said than done. But how true and profound. Why are we so preoccupied with getting to the destination and so little attention is given to the journey. From when we are young, we are hammered to get good grades so we can go to a good college. We are convinced we need to do well in college so we can get a good job. We strive to do well at our job so we can climb the ladder. We […]

Do You Want To Be Famous?

The only fame worth pursuing is that which you gain for sharing God. It is a fame that makes you effective and gain the attention of others, but leaves you in God’s shadow so that He gets all the glory.

What Is Truth?

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Can A Photograph Heal?

Photography as a Healing Art Photographs have power. Creative photography allows us to see the world in new ways, to drop preconceptions, and to find focus in a busy, chaotic world. For some, photography is an art; for others, a job or a hobby. But there’s another, rapidly expanding avenue for camera work – photography as therapy. “Photography is a tool for meditation, mindfulness and creative living. Now the emerging field of phototherapy embraces the power of making and viewing […]

Children Are The Hands…

Children are one of the many connections that give us a view to the glory of heaven. The beauty and purity of their nature before the world takes hold of them is a near perfect reflection of heaven’s soil.

What Is photographingGOD to you?

Hmmm. Let me count the ways…

“In God We Trust…”

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew this much. They didn’t imprint the currency of the new democracy with “In Government We Trust” or “In Gold We Trust.” They knew that the value and security of the republic’s entire economy could only be safe and preserved in the hands of God. Unfortunately, over this country’s relatively short history, the rich and powerful have managed to shift the trust in our economy into their own hands and we are living the […]

Yes Demi! There Is A God!

We don’t need to understand God’s plan. We just need to participate in it and put our full trust in Him. It occurred to me that if we did understand or had full knowledge of it, we would likely get in the way. Sometimes I really don't understand God's plan. I guess that's when you need to trust him the most. — Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) December 7, 2015

Sony Alpha A77 II Announcement

Photography Life We are a bit late with this, but then again, Nasim will soon have a much more interesting article for you lot to read than a camera announcement, even of one such as the Sony A77 II. 🙂 http://photographylife.com/sony-alpha-a77-ii-announcement Sony Alpha A77 II Announcement For a while now, Sony’s biggest attention-grabbers in the camera industry were the mirrorless full-frame siblings, A7, A7r and the most recent, low-light and video focused A7s. Even so, to think that they’ve forgotten […]

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