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When You Are All Out Of Hope

We should never doubt God’s provision in our lives. As I sit here now, I question areas of my life that I feel particularly challenged with. I actually don’t even remember a time that I didn’t. And I would not be forthcoming if I didn’t confess my vulnerability and frequent sense of losing hope. But I am quickly reminded of my own quote. “When you are all out of hope, the only thing left is hope.” And from there… I march on! -gp

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Stunning Photo Of Moms Holding ‘Rainbow’ Babies Goes Viral

A pregnancy after a miscarriage can be difficult to endure. That’s why this viral image of six moms either pregnant with or holding their rainbow babies is beyond inspiring. Photographer Alex Bolen of Shutter Darling Photography gathered six clients who had either given birth or were currently pregnant with a baby conceived after a loss. Stunning Photo Of Moms Holding ‘Rainbow’ Babies Goes Viral

Photo Credit: Photographer Alex Bolen of Shutter Darling Photography


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“The Sun Shines Not On Us But In Us.”

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” This profound quote came from John Muir also known as “John of the Mountains.” God has planted a connection between us and the rest of his amazing creation. Please watch this brief, yet inspiring video that will surely send you out of the house this Earth Day weekend seeking a photographic connection with God and the world He created for us.

‘Muir Song’ Will Inspire You to Photograph the Great Outdoors This Earth Day | Fstoppers Filmmaker Janssen Powers makes me want to go to the mountains immediately. The beautiful Pacific Northwest is on amazing display in “Muir Song,” an ode to naturalist and conservationist John Muir. Fittingly released on what would have been his 178th birthday, Powers takes us on a beautiful journey through the mountains and sea. If after watching this video you haven’t booked your tickets (or if you’re lucky to live there and don’t go outside immediately), there is truly something wrong with you. read more at

*Feature photo courtesy of Tom Hall


What Baby?

It is easy to ignore the impact the moment a child is born has on anyone but the Mom and Baby (and Dad too :)). That is where all the action is, and of course, the physical trauma. However, usually there are other slightly more passive participants standing very nearby who are realizing a lifelong dream; maybe one that has been 30, 40, 50 years in the making. Quite possibly the only dream they own at this point in their lives. The dream of being a Grandparent.

God is just that awesome. Unknowingly, we share so much of our life’s events far beyond our own personal experience to people around us and sometimes beyond. Unfortunately however, by not being conscience of this phenomenon, we miss the glory of seeing others who have been touched as well. But what a tale of abundant joy that can be captured from the expressions of bystanders who are affected by God’s miracles even though they are not necessarily the direct subject. Keep your eyes open pGOD’ers! God is always at work! Everywhere! Every day!

Photographer’s moving birth images capture the beauty of the day – but in a slightly different way – Mirror Online

“Taking in the sight of a new addition to the family, the faces of Marry Fermont’s photo subjects say it all. In this instance however, the images aren’t of love-struck and emotional new parents cradling their babies. Instead, taking the focus off mum and baby , the Dutch photographer has captured the joy of that first visit from grandparents, friends and relatives.” read more at


All Are Welcome Here

While so many in the world seek out reasons to divide, hate and war against one another, a group of brave people, from different faiths, yet with similar hearts, are seeking to coexist. Not only peacefully, but cooperatively.

A mosque, a church and a synagogue go up on the site of an old Jewish country club.

It sounds like the setup to a joke — but it’s not. It’s actually happening in Omaha, Neb. The Tri-Faith Initiative may be the first place in history where these three monotheistic faiths have built together, on purpose, with the intention of working together.

“This is something God wanted us to do a long time ago, and we were completely blinded by doing other things,” says Aryeh Azriel, the rabbi at Temple Israel.”

This story is a testament to the absolute fact that God is sovereign and loves all of His creation. Not just some of us.

We, at photographingGOD, prefer the sound of “All Are Welcome Here” over “Some Are Welcome Here.” And on this day celebrated as the birth of Jesus in the Christian world, I suspect He too would have said, “All Are Welcome Here.”

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Thank You God For The Miracle Of Life!

There isn’t a single phase of this process that just doesn’t drop your jaw to the floor. I can remember all four of my miracles and while all were very different journeys, all equally amazing. From the moment you learn you will be a mother or father; To the preparation for the new arrival; Then comes the day God sends this little spirit down to earth and into your arms… And finally, the blessing of family. “This is the miracle of life!”