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Smoky Mudbath by Alban Henderyckx – The Wild Child: #photography

500px Smoky Mudbath by Alban Henderyckx – The Wild Child: https://goo.gl/s1R5BI #photography Read More at 500px

Child dancer at an annual pow wow. The Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation is in one of…

Magnum Photos Child dancer at an annual pow wow. The Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation is in one of the poorest locations in the U.S. covering nearly 4000 sq. mi. of the worst land in America. Although many live “off the rez,” it remains home to between 16,000 and 40,000 band members. Pine Ridge, South Dakota. USA. 2015. © #LarryTowell/ #MagnumPhotos. Read More at Magnum Photos

How to Get More Natural Smiles in Child Photography ️

Digital Photography School 😀😆😂😀😆😂😀😆😂😀😆😂 How to Get More Natural Smiles in Child Photography ➡️ https://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-get-more-natural-smiles-in-child-photography/ 😀😆😂😀😆😂😀😆😂😀😆😂 Read More at Digital Photography School

8 Outdoor Child Portrait Photography Tips

PictureCorrect Photography Tips 8 Outdoor Child Portrait Photography Tips Children are endearing, free-spirited, and full of life. Their bodies and minds are stuck in a state of perpetual motion. Unfortunately, many of the qualities that people love about children are the same attributes that make them difficult subjects for many photographers. Even the most experienced a… Read More at Picture Correct

Couple Shoot Amazing Landscapes Carrying Their Child on Their Backs Landscape …

Exposure Guide Couple Shoot Amazing Landscapes Carrying Their Child on Their Backs http://goo.gl/zLIz8f Landscape photography is no doubt a beautiful undertaking, but it can also be a difficult activity, given the need to bring along all the necessary photography gear. Australian photographers Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim are not unaware of the difficulties of this work, shooting amazing landscapes. These parents in fact raise the bar a notch by bringing their adorable kid with them. The duo work together in […]

Using the Bokeh Effect in Child Portraits

PictureCorrect Photography Tips Using the Bokeh Effect in Child Portraits “Bokeh” is a beautiful soft effect in which the background of a photograph becomes like circles of blurred, translucent light. As a professional photographer, my lifelong quest has been to consistently capture images of a child’s face in which everything in front of and behind the eye gradually fall… Read More at Picture Correct

4 Tips for Better Child Photography by a Mom

Digital Photography School Tips for parents wanting to create magical images of their kids 4 Tips for Better Child Photography by a Mom Elena Shumilova became an internet sensation when she photographed and shares her images of her young sons. Get tips from her for better child photography. Read More at Digital Photography School

Enjoy These These Striking Images from the 2016 B&W Child Photography Competition

Shutterbug Magazine Celebrating the magic of children. Enjoy These These Striking Images from the 2016 B&W Child Photography Competition 1st Place, Documentary & Street category ©Magdalena Hutchins, Poland/USA The B&W Child Photography Contest is an international competition that has resulted in many gorgeous images since its inception three years ago. The contest is judged twice each year, and the stunning images you see here were n… Read More at Shutterbug.com

“World War 2 Child Evacuee” by Glyn Dewis Profile: #500px

500px “World War 2 Child Evacuee” by Glyn Dewis Profile: http://hubs.ly/H07Znl00 #500px Read More at 500px

How L.A.’s Latinas Are Telling Their Own Stories Through Photography | L.A. Weekly

Star Montana captures images and narratives in her work. For her, it’s day to day trying to survive.” Star Montana remembers staring out of a bus window as a child, taking in all the sights of L.A. at 40 miles per hour. Now, she talks to people on the streets about their stories before photographing them — a process she prefers over simply snapping their photo and walking away. read more at laweekly.com  

“An Iranian woman carries her child as she attends a ceremony to mourn the death…

“An Iranian woman carries her child as she attends a ceremony to mourn the death of Islam’s prophet Mohammed in Qazvin province, 91 Miles (165 Km) west of Tehran, Iran on March 7, 2008” Picture: “Iran” by Moe Zoyari Profile: http://hubs.ly/H08f8qr0 #500px Link to the full 500px story

The Story Behind ‘Migrant Mother’ One Of The Most Famous Photographs Of All Time

Learn the story behind this famous photograph. The Story Behind ‘Migrant Mother’ One Of The Most Famous Photographs Of All Time Perhaps no single photo is more symbolic of America’s troubles during the Great Depression than Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother.” Depicting an itinerant farm worker, Florence Owens Thompson, and five of her children apparently in the grips of despair on the side of the road, this single image came… Source

A Child’s Stare Is Not To Be Ignored

Matthew 18:10 NIV
See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

Remember… Jesus Was Once A Refugee

Matthew 2:13-15
Now when they had gone, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Get up! Take the Child and His mother and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the Child to destroy Him.” So Joseph got up and took the Child and His mother while it was still night, and left for Egypt. He remained there until the death of Herod. This was to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet: “OUT OF EGYPT I CALLED MY SON.”

Buildings And Institutions Will Not Shape Your Child’s True Potential

At What Cost Does Our Current System Of Education Come? The developed world spends billions of dollars on education and is continuously moving the goal post on what is expected from our children. Absolutely, we should challenge our children’s potential. God created us with expandable capabilities, skills, and talents. So, we need to be all that we can be (As individuals, and not machines of course). But, have we stopped to think “at what cost” does this investment come? We […]

Exhausted On The Corporate Ladder? Climb This First…

Everything in life is relative. If we are open-minded, our perspective is constantly changing which is the way we were designed. As we learn and grow the more we know. A closed mind interferes with this process and makes us vulnerable to prejudice, ignorance, and neglect. Neglect for all the blessings in our life because we are not willing to know and appreciate the world around us. Many of us are at a stage in life where “climbing the corporate […]

By The Power Vested In Me… Not So Sure About That.

This announcement by the Vatican serves as just one more reason so many people around the world are turned off to organized religion. The notion that any mortal man could grant power to another man, like that of forgiveness of sin, is frightening to me. I am a Christian with a serious concern about the Church, what it is teaching outside of the true Gospel, and skeptical about organized religion as a whole. So I don’t know what that really makes me, except […]

Here Is Your Present… Now What? Seize Control!

There are gifts. There are presents. And then there is the ultimate gift which is the present.

You Say I Am Orphan; I Say I Am Loved!

By Greg Pai Inspired By Andrea Mani Photo Credit: Andrea Mani This is a time of the year where many feel lonely or empty.  Especially those who have no family to speak of. Our hearts have to place orphans at the top of that list. What we learn from this story inspired by Andrea Mani, is that we are all orphans if we don’t connect with and depend on God. Orphans have seemingly perfected that connection and dependence as a means of […]

When The World Goes Low…

What Is True Joy? Doing well and doing good not only go together, but are among the secret ingredients of true joy. Not the joy that comes from graduating from college, landing your first job, getting married, having a child, buying your dream car or home, or retirement. Those things are joyful, but they are also fleeting. Their elation will last for a time and will undoubtedly be interrupted by life’s unfortunate circumstances. However, true joy gives us the strength to look […]

When Does An “Ad” Subtract? When It Divides Instead Of Multiplies Of Course…

I cannot remember a time when the culture of advertising was truly inclusive (or the media for that matter). You would think that advertisers selling a product or service would want to appeal to the largest possible audience of potential customers. “Not just the perfect ones.” If I am selling soap, why would I only want to sell it to people who looked or acted like me? When advertisers choose certain “types” of people to represent their product and intentionally exclude others, […]

Cat Got My Tongue

I grew up believing I was allergic to cats and dogs. I later learned this was nothing more than a fable fabricated by others to discourage me from wanting a pet. So the TIME story, “Here Are Some Adorable Photos Of Kittens Pouncing” grabbed my tongue and inspired me to write a personal memoir, not about cats per se, but about life. Fast forward many years later, I found myself wandering into a pet store and buying my first dog. It […]

The World According To The World. A Frightening Look.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to, I think most of us can agree that civilization is becoming increasingly self-destructive. I suppose we may have been more barbaric in the distant past (and that may be debatable). Yet, has man’s creation of increasingly complex systems including government, finance & economics, health & medicine, organized religion, education, agriculture, commerce, technology, science, communications, media, and transportation, promoted progress for the human race? Is progress leaving anyone behind? Are we eradicating sickness and poverty; improving the quality, […]

Congratulations! You Are Destined To Conquer The Impossible!

Congratulations! By clicking this article, you are on your way to conquering the impossible – Your special impossible. The term “impossible” places such a burden on our lives as we grow up being told that more things are impossible than possible and that those things that are possible by someone are simply not possible by us. The reality is the contrary. Each of us has our own possible impossible. However, it requires a self-confidence and more importantly, a strong faith in God […]

If The Shoe (Truly) Fits…

All too often we look to others as an example of who we want to be. This process starts from childhood and works its way through our career. However, God made us special with a special purpose of our own. It was planted into our souls long before we were born. Empty your mind and heart of those expectations and leave a hole just big enough for God to expose your personal grand design. It may feel terribly uncomfortable at first like any brand new pair of shoes. Once worn however, you will be walking on a cloud! You truly have your own shoes to fill! -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

The Gift Of Memories

Local photographer shares gift of memories. ANNAPOLIS, MD. (WUSA9) – A local photographer is on a mission to make sure children with special needs know they’re beautiful – and she’s doing it with a camera. Stephanie Smith is an office manager, but in her free time she takes photos. Lots of them. Local photographer shares gift of memories – WUSA9.com thumbnail courtesy of wusa9.com

Not So Funny…

Folks… This is not a political issue that can be solved by political solutions. This is a human issue that needs to be solved by getting in closer touch with our humanity and the value of our life. I am reminded of the time (I may be giving away my age here) that we were trained to launch under our desks in the event of a nuclear attack by the enemy; Whoever that really was. Anyhow, we have raised generations of frightened […]

Seeing Love Daily

‘It’s sacred’: Woman who photographs terminally ill children sees love daily. For photographer Sheri Kendrick, capturing images of children who have life-limiting or terminal illnesses is an experience she calls “sacred. ‘It’s sacred’: Woman who photographs terminally ill children sees love daily – Today.com thumbnail courtesy of today.com

How To Raise Our Children

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Much To Learn From Child Mothers

What I Learned From Interviewing 25 Child Mothers Around The WorldMulenga*, 14, lives with her daughter, parents, her father’s second wife, and ten siblings in a remote village in Zambia. She used to go to school, and wanted to become a doctor, until her mother discovered she was pregnant. What I Learned From Interviewing 25 Child Mothers Around The World – Refinery29 thumbnail courtesy of refinery29.com

King Chops Onions For Kids

This photo of Bhutan’s King Jigme Wang chuck chopping onions for community children is going viral!King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema had become quite popular on social media after his son was born on February 5. The couple had shared photos with the baby on Facebook. thumbnail courtesy of india.com

Let There Be Light!

Parish Kohanim, a sought-after commercial photographer, will never forget the flowers of his childhood in Shiraz, Iran.

“Celebrate Childhood”

The moments of a child’s life captured as an image are always celebratory.

Every Single Breath, Eyelash, Finger, Toe, Cry and Grin…

I love watching God take our disappointments in life and turn them into abundant blessings

What Baby?

It is easy to ignore the impact the moment a child is born has on anyone but the Mom and baby (and Dad too of course). That is where all the action is…

All Children Are Born With Talents From God

An angel I am. An angel I’ll be. Look deep inside. It’s God that you’ll see. A funny face. An innocent trouble. God made me clever. But will shape me humble.

One Of God’s Greatest Gifts

Human doll. Perfect smile. Porcelain cheeks. A Beautiful child. Eyes of glass. A halo above. Made by God. Made with love.  

Where Can We Find Some Of God’s Best Work?

What a face. What a grimace. God’s creation. No detail missed. Inside a heart. Virtually pure. He’s going to win this race; I’m sure.

What Happens When You Love People So Much…

…You commit nearly your entire adult life trying to improve theirs.  This is exactly what the founders of BRCK have been doing which is about to upgrade an entire continent of people who have been left behind in this era of technology and information. CNN: This little black box could change the internet in Africa– here’s why you should care You have to want to do GOOD and hope to do WELL. BRCK’s founders and investors had to believe that they were […]

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