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Is Life Really Better Under The Sea?

Not likely unless you are a fish. However, this recent photo contest makes a compelling case for the world down under. Most of us will never come face to face with these forms of life except through the lens of these brave photographers (who also happen to be divers). An example of where two talents are necessary to bring about a single result.

The Ocean’s Chaotic Beauty Captured In 15 Award-Winning Photos

“In case you needed further proof that the ocean is a bizarre, magnificent and totally alien world, the Underwater Photography Guide has announced the winners of its 2015 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition.”

It is not surprising that we must brave the elements in order to capture some of God’s most hidden treasures. Maybe He hides them to protect them; Or maybe so that the search is equally as exciting as the find. We salute those who bring this amazing world up to the surface for all to marvel.