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Are You A True Friend?

The world of reality television wants us to believe that the way to live is in conflict. Particularly among our family and friends. This is not natural. We were not created this way. We have a greater capacity to love and forgive. Real reality television would depict families and friends knowing that a cycle of discourse is nothing more than a cycle… Of discourse. But to love and to forgive is perpetual and grows exponentially with time. Like a flower raises from the ground, buds open from its stem, and blossoms for all to enjoy and marvel. It is only when it returns to the ground that it ceases to grace and bless us. This is a true friendship.

Maya Barnes Phone Home… Not!

Maya is a 14-year-old, somewhat typical, high school student. What possibly makes her less typical is her willingness to disconnect from the digital madness that has consumed our world. Well – at least long enough to understand what she might have been missing. It didn’t happen voluntarily at first. However, she quickly learned to cooperate with her unfortunate circumstances.  Here is Maya’s story in her own words…

Maya Barnes Phone Home… Not!

A week ago, the thought of just putting my phone down for a day made me extremely anxious. But now that I broke my phone, I have no choice but to go without it. It honestly hasn’t been as bad as I expected. I am still able to contact my friends and family when I am at home through my computer, but when I am out… I am completely phone free.

As much as not having a phone has been a little inconvenient, in the way that I can’t contact my parents or friends when I’m outside of home, it has actually helped me focus more on things other than social media and texting. I focus more on school and actually talking to people…actual people and not a screen!

Technology seems to get in the way of people actually interacting and actually seeing the world around them. It may seem as though you are communicating with other people, but you are actually isolating yourself in a way many people don’t realize.

The absence of technology inspired Maya to “blow the dust off” her camera and put her creative potential to work. Check it out. The results are impressive!

Photo Credit: Maya Barnes (Age 14)

From The Yorkshire Moors To A New Zealand Glacier

Readers’ travel photography competition: May – in pictures. From the Yorkshire moors to a New Zealand glacier, landscapes dominate this month’s competition. Scroll to see the poignant winning shot, judged by Mick Ryan of All monthly winners will be displayed at the year-end exhibition at the… Readers’ travel photography competition: May – in pictures – The Guardian

thumbnail courtesy of

Vigo, Spain: The End Of The Earth

Photo Set :: The End of the Earth :: A Street Photography Glimpse of Vigo, Spain. Spanish photographer Manuel Landeira Perez (@doublezzeta) has been capturing the streets of his hometown, Vigo, with a unique style of street photography that gives an unfiltered glimpse into the spirit of the city. From architecture to citizens… Photo Set :: The End of the Earth :: A Street Photography Glimpse of Vigo, Spain – The Hundreds (blog)

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Amherst Homeless

Real-Life Portraits: Amherst photo exhibit profiles homeless people in the region. Tim, nicknamed “Pyro” because of an accident with a camp stove, sits in downtown Amherst last winter. image courtesy of Eric Broudy. Richard says he’s endured Vietnam, drug addiction, colon cancer and the loss of a job and housing.

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Let There Be Light!

At the risk of stating the obvious, our childhood has a profound impact on how we appreciate the world later in life. Abundance can lead to indifference. Take light. Nearly all of us receive more than our fair share of light each day. The rising sun in the morning; the falling sun in the evening; the power to turn on a lamp, or to enjoy a flickering candle or burning fireplace are among our many blessings. However, how often do we really look deeply into the character of these different experiences. The color of light; the shadows; the highlights; the reflections and ultimately the experience of “bathing” in it. Moreover, it is light that allows us to appreciate everything in this amazing world. For in darkness, there is no world. There is no hope.

Enjoy Iranian native Parish Kohanim’s inspiring story of photography, light, and his appreciation for creation.

Art & Soul: Photographer shares passion for light, form Photographer shares passion for light, form | SavannahNow

Parish Kohanim, a sought-after commercial photographer, will never forget the flowers of his childhood in Shiraz, Iran.

“When I’m photographing flowers, I feel like that I am in a privileged universe full of beauty, love and transcendence….I think light is the most fundamental and crucial element in a great photograph,” Parish said. “I have always observed nature’s light ever since I was a child. I am still passionate about observing and paying attention to the infinite varieties and moods the natural light creates.” read more at

*Feature Photo Courtesy of Parish Kohanim

The Mexico You May Not Know

Get ready to experience a kaleidoscope of color and beauty as photographer Diego Huerta introduces us to the Aztec people “through the lens of God’s eyes.” We generally do not get the benefit of this portrayal from the mainstream media but, the Mexican people are ALIVE with culture. Enjoy!

Photographer Diego Huerta Portrays Beauty Of Mexican Indigenous Communities In Stunning Photos Diego Huerta has taken on the task to travel all over Aztec grounds, and with his camera, has managed to expose the beauty behind these (Mexican) populations that are often forgotten. Photographer Diego Huerta Portrays Beauty Of Mexican Indigenous Communities In Stunning Photos

*Feature photo courtesy of Steven Depolo

“The Sun Shines Not On Us But In Us.”

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” This profound quote came from John Muir also known as “John of the Mountains.” God has planted a connection between us and the rest of his amazing creation. Please watch this brief, yet inspiring video that will surely send you out of the house this Earth Day weekend seeking a photographic connection with God and the world He created for us.

‘Muir Song’ Will Inspire You to Photograph the Great Outdoors This Earth Day | Fstoppers Filmmaker Janssen Powers makes me want to go to the mountains immediately. The beautiful Pacific Northwest is on amazing display in “Muir Song,” an ode to naturalist and conservationist John Muir. Fittingly released on what would have been his 178th birthday, Powers takes us on a beautiful journey through the mountains and sea. If after watching this video you haven’t booked your tickets (or if you’re lucky to live there and don’t go outside immediately), there is truly something wrong with you. read more at

*Feature photo courtesy of Tom Hall


How Many People Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

It takes only one filled with the love of God. We have been given a limitless ability to light up a room (or the world) and love one another. And love is best expressed when we overcome the voice of the world and what the world teaches us, for the voice of the heart which is true and pure.


Love Can Heal Any Wound…

Love can heal any wound; and God is love. This accidental (or not so accidental) photo had meaning way beyond its intent to an audience desperate for healing. The power of photography… The power of God!

Sarajevo love story: how a chance photo revealed the joy and pain of Bosnia’s war | Cities | The Guardian

“It was amazing to me that you took that photograph of us, because my boyfriend is Serb and I am Bosnian…” read more at

Yes. God Cares Very Much About Syria.

It is primarily through photographs that most of us are witnessing the pain God is feeling for Syria and Syrians. We can see it in the capture of this young girl’s struggle. God’s pain is embedded in her face. As you gaze at this picture, imagine how God feels about the oppression that man has placed on his fellow man. This picture should inspire us to get up tomorrow morning and do our part to heal the broken people of the world and strive to wipe the sadness from God’s face.

Syria’s Pain Captured in One Heart-Rending Photograph – TheQuint

Painful image of a girl with her father on a wheelchair, asking for help to pay medical bills from passers by. read more at

Image credit

God and Creation Are Inseparable

You can separate Church and State but you will always lose if you try to separate God from His creation. God created man and everything else and while the world tries so hard to separate from God, God is still the Creator and the Star of the show. Don’t take my word for it. See what the most famous scientists in history believe at  25 Famous Scientists On God. Ok – What do scientists know.  So, consult the works of the founding fathers of this country and the principals this country was founded on (but has strayed from). Alright. Politicians have mixed agendas. I got that. Let’s look at the perfection built into the construction of the universe.  Coincidence? Have you ever watched a baby being born? A hearing-disabled person write a symphony? Someone heal from a disease beyond the comprehension of the foremost healthcare professionals? The sunset? The sunrise?

How about a perspective most of us will never experience – from space. John Glenn looked at this little blue dot from space and said “To look out at this kind of creation and not believe in God is to me impossible.”

Atheists Bully Small Town to Remove God Bless America Flag, What Happens Next…

“A small town shows how much “God Bless America” means to them.” read more at

Smile, and Put Your Best Foot Forward…

So often we are the central subject of our photographic memories when we travel or set out for new experiences. Pictures of us in front of landmarks and scenery; on the beach or in the pool, group photos at the dining table. Oh – and all those selfies.

I believe those photos really miss the opportunity to capture the inspiration we felt that very moment we experienced the miracle or miracles we were encountering. For example, a picture of a couple taken in front of a setting sun can be timeless, for sure. But what that couple experienced individually, and together, when they set their sights on the blazing beauty of God’s handiwork, is almost completely lost.

Photographer, Tom Robinson took on a very interesting project where he began to document his family’s travels by taking pictures from their “vantage point” and only showing their feet which personalizes the photo. I find the results quite amazing and can see how looking at these photos 10 years from now can bring them right back to those special moments.

Feet First: Photographer documents his family’s travels by showing only their feet | Creative Boom

While sitting on a Brighton beach in 2005 with his new girlfriend Verity, photographer Tom Robinson thought the view of their feet pointing out to sea would make a nice photo. Since then, he’s continued to document their travels around the world in this way, resulting in a growing collection of over a hundred images. read more at


Facing Adversity?

Adversity is a Season with a Reason. Adversity shapes us. Molds our character. Makes us dependent and human. Most importantly, adversity brings us closer to our Creator which provides us with supernatural potential to overcome anything. Never forget as you go through seasons of adversity, that with God, all things are possible and your current trials have a blessed place and purpose in your life.


What Baby?

It is easy to ignore the impact the moment a child is born has on anyone but the Mom and Baby (and Dad too :)). That is where all the action is, and of course, the physical trauma. However, usually there are other slightly more passive participants standing very nearby who are realizing a lifelong dream; maybe one that has been 30, 40, 50 years in the making. Quite possibly the only dream they own at this point in their lives. The dream of being a Grandparent.

God is just that awesome. Unknowingly, we share so much of our life’s events far beyond our own personal experience to people around us and sometimes beyond. Unfortunately however, by not being conscience of this phenomenon, we miss the glory of seeing others who have been touched as well. But what a tale of abundant joy that can be captured from the expressions of bystanders who are affected by God’s miracles even though they are not necessarily the direct subject. Keep your eyes open pGOD’ers! God is always at work! Everywhere! Every day!

Photographer’s moving birth images capture the beauty of the day – but in a slightly different way – Mirror Online

“Taking in the sight of a new addition to the family, the faces of Marry Fermont’s photo subjects say it all. In this instance however, the images aren’t of love-struck and emotional new parents cradling their babies. Instead, taking the focus off mum and baby , the Dutch photographer has captured the joy of that first visit from grandparents, friends and relatives.” read more at


Where Is The City Of True Love?

Cities are such marvelous expressions of man’s ability to create. God gives us amazing gifts of engineering, craftsmanship, design, and vision. Above the enormous complexity of any city however, is its personality which comes to life when you add people and culture to the architecture.

People always ask, “where is the best place you have ever traveled?” My typical response is “Everywhere!” That said, I do have different take-aways from each city and can often understand why a certain city might have earned a certain identity like “the city of love.” Actually, there are many cities that claim to be that title; Rome, Italy being one of them. Romance is truly in the Roman air. However, I am starting to think that every city I have visited is a city of love. So much more of my travel these days is focused on people and culture and less so on aesthetics and landmarks. So, when you travel with a passion to connect with people, you cannot help but find love. It just happens.

A little hint: People absolutely love sharing their culture. I remember a few years back when my wife and I hosted two young students from China for a few weeks at our house. Of course they wanted to see the typical landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, but the experience that will stay with them (and us) forever was the experience of getting to know one another and sharing.

I bet this is what heaven is like!

What Do You Know About The First Book Illustrated With Photographs?

Probably more than me because I knew nothing. But when I learned that it was a book about algae and also published by the first female photographer, I had to wonder why I never heard about this before. Granted, algae are not the most photogenic subjects. However, the cyanotyping film process made them perfect for the technology of the day.

Then it occurred to me that it may have been a more perfect subject for other reasons. Algae are some of the simplest living creatures on earth; Many of which are composed of a single cell. God’s miracle.  So, I closed my eyes and imagined myself seeing photos in a book for the first time in the mid-1800s and being introduced, not to a family portrait or a picture of a farm landscape. But something that really made me wonder about creation itself.

God often has a way of working a miracle with His right hand while another is brewing in His left. Next time you witness a miracle, look for God’s left hand at work as well!

These Beautiful Images of Algae Were the First Photos to Illustrate Any Book | Atlas Obscura

“In 1843, the first book ever to be illustrated with photographs was published. Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions documented species of algae in ethereal, blue splendor. Its author, Anna Atkins, was as pioneering as the book she published; she is widely recognized as the first female photographer.” read more at

Don’t Make Waves. Photograph Them!

What were you doing when you were 25 years old? Well, I was making waves and not really observing them. However, when I got a chance to go to the ocean’s edge, I can remember the crashing sounds yielded by each wave’s immense force. Yet, I was missing the visual brilliance each wave displays as it’s individual fingerprint on the world. The shape; the spectrum of color; the reflections and diffraction of light. When we absorb photographs of these ocean phenomena, we can see the power that resides in God’s pinky finger. How awesome are waves…

Photographer Shoots the Beauty and Beast Natures of Ocean Waves

“Chris Dixon is a 25-year-old photographer based in Sydney, Australia. When he’s not photographing weddings, he’s often standing in shallow ocean water and shooting fine art photos of waves breaking on the coastline. When waves break onto the near-dry reef, he tries to capture their beauty and form through close-up compositions.” read more at

Photography Provides A Portal To Many Realities For Most Of Us

The power of photography extends far past simply being an extraordinary visual art. For nearly all of us, it provides the only access to the glory or horror of the many concurrent world events we would otherwise have no way to witness. I believe that more than words or film, photos can freeze a particular moment, impress it into our present conscience, and move us emotionally as no other stimuli can. The use of photography during the Civil Rights Era, the Holocaust, the many wars (too many), and the landing of the first man on the moon are just a very few examples of this medium’s power and potential.

We enhance our connection and dependence on God when we broaden our awareness and experience of world cultures and events. God’s concern is for His entire creation. Not just a portion or limited to our specific domain. Sharing interest and concern for the world grows us closer to God. Photos also speak directly to our hearts. We don’t need a biased reporter or background narrative to tell us what we see with our eyes and with our hearts. When we seek truth in what we are observing, God will speak truth to us.


It May Be Time To Get Your Photographer On!

“Emma Ketterer, 13, of Kutztown was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Emma’s photographs indicate that she has a natural, artistic talent, but there is more to her work than meets the eye. “People really look at them, and that was before they knew her story,” said Emma’s mother, SuEllen Ketterer. “This is her therapy. This is what gets her joy and gets her out of bed.”” Read More At Reading Eagle – LIFE

What a waste the gift of photography and all the world’s scenery would be if it were only reserved for the professional photographer to capture and enjoy.  We are learning more and more every day about the therapeutic benefits of photography. Photography is more than just taking pictures with a camera or phone. It is a “living” art that blends our sight with the mind and the soul. The good news is that we are all capable of mastering it if we try. And when we do, we sharpen our senses and gain a greater appreciation for the world around us. Emma found her special connection with this amazing art form which changed her life. Praise God! Well guess what; So can you!

Look Up In The Sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s God!

God warned us He would place signs in the heavens. It’s ironic that we spend so much time walking around looking down at our phones when the real action is going on in the skies.

“Amy Langley photographed this “angelic” sunrise in Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii on Jan. 13, 2016. A series of spectacular images of the sun were caught on camera this week from New York to Hawaii, with some saying they see angels, doves and crosses. A photograph of Wednesday’s sunrise in Hawaii caught the attention of seasoned photographer Amy Langley from the town of Koloa on the island of Kauai.” read more at