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Do You Know True Love?

“True love is locked in trust and sacrifice. The lock of true love has no key because it is forever binding.” -Greg Pai

Preserving God’s Beauty

Vintage Pictures Show Why Parks Should Be Preserved. See pictures of our historic national parks and learn how you can help protect them. 0. 1 / 11. Picture of a traveler drinks from a man-made stream in Carlsbad. Vintage Pictures Show Why Parks Should Be Preserved – National Geographic thumbnail courtesy of

Ali Is Asked “What Will You Do When You Retire?” Amazing!

The great Muhammad Ali on #life, #God, #creation and what he’s gonna do once he’s #retired from #boxing — DivinationWisdom (@DivinationWisdm) June 4, 2016

Where Is Peace?

Photo Credit: MO’NY (Sophia, Bulgaria)

Are You A True Friend?

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

The world of reality television wants us to believe that the way to live is in conflict. Particularly among our family and friends. This is not natural.

Only God!

Photo Credit: Greg Pai
Roses can be added to salads and used in desserts and cakes. Rose Petals and rose hips are also made into jam, jelly, and marmalade.

The Single Most Influential Landscape Photographer

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” -Ansel Adams

God Is…

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Hey Cutie!

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

“The Greatest” In Photos

Maybe his last name was Clay, because he allowed God to mold him into something truly magnificent. Float Like a Butterfly: Muhammad Ali’s Life in Photos. Muhammad Ali, originally known as Cassius Clay, is considered to be the greatest heavyweight boxer in the history of the sport. 30 Photos. advertisement · advertisement. Share; Share · Tweet · Share · Email; Print; Comment. 1. Muhammad Ali, known then… Float Like a Butterfly: Muhammad Ali’s Life in Photos – thumbnail courtesy […]

You Have A “Whole” In Your Head

This photo is called “Gimme A Kiss” and it depicts man’s fascination with art. So – Not all of us are a natural-born Picasso. However, God did give all of us an amazing gift to create and be creative. Let your creative juices flow in all that you do. Don’t be satisfied leading just a “left brain” life. Even if that is your strength. God gave you a right side too. And for a reason. To support your creativity, imagination, intuition, artistic […]

Do Yourselfie A Favour And Take A Real Photograph

The selfie: the ugly little cousin of actual photography. read more at      

Tunisia Hosts “Making Peace” Exhibit

Tunisia will today host the international outdoor photo exhibition Making Peace for the first time. It includes photographs that document decisions in history that have enabled us to avoid conflicts and wars. read more at  

Only God!

Photo Credit: Dan Park (New York, USA)

Our “We Need A Quote Winner” Is Allen Jose Hinahon Tingzon

We needed a quote. And the photographingGOD community responded. So many to choose from. More importantly, it was a blessing to enjoy the inspirations that were shared. Really, they are all winners, and so, WE are all winners. However, we choose one to feature and that honor went to Allen Jose Hinahon Tingzon of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. When asked what photographingGOD meant to him, Allen told us this… “photographingGOD is a very unique platform to express one’s faith in God and […]

Are Clouds In Your Forecast?

Photo Credit: DP Photography & Design (Please check out Prakash’s world-renowned work at

Views That Speak Bring Strength To The Weak

“Views that speak, bring strength to the weak.” -Greg Pai

The View That I Choose

by Greg Pai
Photo Credit: DP Photography & Design

Extra! Extra! Did you read the news?
God’s world is a world of infinite views;
In a contest,
I promise,
not one would lose;
But the one from above, is the one that I choose.

True love never dies : Chris Mininni shares powerful photo of parents last moments together – Yahoo7

I could barely get through this story and the accompanied video. Why are we are so deeply moved, often to tears, when we witness a love this true? There seems to be something very intentional in our design. Is this a clue to who God is to us? I suspect that is the case. A love so powerful that it can pave the way through the noise of this world and bring us a healing strength that can overcome any and all life’s challenges. -Greg Pai

Prayer Brings Prison Peace

Powerful photo shows Alabama prison inmates praying for peace. In the wake of recent chaos breaking out in Alabama’s prisons, a growing number of inmates are turning to God and praying for peace. Over the last week, a group of inmates at the St. Powerful photo shows Alabama prison inmates praying for peace – Yellowhammer News thumbnail courtesy of

Look Into My Eyes…

“Our eyes are like caverns lined with gold. The treasure that lies deep within them can be seen from a mile away.” -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Stairway To…

“God has a set of stairs with your name on them.” -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Look Up In The Sky!

“Don’t fall hostage to your phone. There’s an amazing world out there to experience.” -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Only God!

Photo Credit: Dan Park (New York, USA)

Let There Be Light!

Parish Kohanim, a sought-after commercial photographer, will never forget the flowers of his childhood in Shiraz, Iran.