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Tag : God

Photographing People & Life

Capturing God’s greatest creation in the form of spontaneous or anticipated moments produces a perfect exhibition of just how magnificent a creation we are.

John Ferrentino: Coney Island Memoirs

There is something to be said about people and the places they gravitate to. Typically, these are places that have a calling on our heart. Inspired photographer, John Ferrentino, shares his images and his perspective.

Wake Up And SEE The Coffee!

Good Day World! Don’t just smell and taste the coffee this morning…  See it too!  Sounds crazy – Maybe…  But the God-given gift of sight is what opens our eyes to possibilities in our life and in our world. Fine tune your visual senses and thank God for all that He has placed before our very eyes. More importantly, illuminate all that is around you – So others can See the Coffee Too! Bless you! -GP    

Closeups Of God’s Creation

Photos that close in on the most finite details of creation or those that are emotionally inspiring because they connect with the heart are what I call “Close Ups” of God.

The Tree of Light WallPaper

“Tree of Light” Photo Credit: Greg Pai Now you can have a piece of photographingGOD with you all day by downloading this free Wallpaper (Background) for your iPhone, Android or Desktop Computer. Just follow the instructions below. Blessings… Wallpaper Download Area Click the appropriate button and save the wallpaper image to your device. You can then set the image as your lock and/or home screen as normal. (iPhone Users may be required to first select “Open In Safari” before proceeding to download) […]