It is easy to ignore the impact the moment a child is born has on anyone but the Mom and Baby (and Dad too :)). That is where all the action is, and of course, the physical trauma. However, usually there are other slightly more passive participants standing very nearby who are realizing a lifelong dream; maybe one that has been 30, 40, 50 years in the making. Quite possibly the only dream they own at this point in their lives. The dream of being a Grandparent.

God is just that awesome. Unknowingly, we share so much of our life’s events far beyond our own personal experience to people around us and sometimes beyond. Unfortunately however, by not being conscience of this phenomenon, we miss the glory of seeing others who have been touched as well. But what a tale of abundant joy that can be captured from the expressions of bystanders who are affected by God’s miracles even though they are not necessarily the direct subject. Keep your eyes open pGOD’ers! God is always at work! Everywhere! Every day!

Photographer’s moving birth images capture the beauty of the day – but in a slightly different way – Mirror Online

“Taking in the sight of a new addition to the family, the faces of Marry Fermont’s photo subjects say it all. In this instance however, the images aren’t of love-struck and emotional new parents cradling their babies. Instead, taking the focus off mum and baby , the Dutch photographer has captured the joy of that first visit from grandparents, friends and relatives.” read more at