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Want A Laugh Over Spilled Milk?

Moooooove Over Scientists! Scientists deserve a great respect for their pursuit of exploring and understanding God’s miracles. But don’t be fooled for a second, God is the only creator of miracles. And everything is a miracle!

On Tranquil Pond

On Tranquil Pond
(by Greg Pai)
Photo Credit: Dan Park (New York, USA)

On tranquil pond
the reeds of grass
atop a pane of glass
I stop
I pause
I dream
of moments past

Bubbles pop the surface
from Koi who serve God’s purpose
Such beauty
So hard to measure
Could it be
for my pleasure
Oh my great God
What a treasure

Hues of blue
Splashes of green
Yellows, browns complete the scene
As only God could
So pristine

On tranquil pond
Gated by fog
Protected by God
A perfect bond

I have found my peace