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Quick and Dirty Method of Using the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush Tool

Digital Photography School PHOTOSHOP USERS: Here is tutorial on using the Spot Healing Brush Tool Quick and Dirty Method of Using the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush Tool Here is a quick, down and dirty method for using the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush tool that isn’t complicated, no layers, no masks, easy! Read More at Digital Photography School

How to Use the Healing Brush on Edges

Fstoppers Here’s how to make the healing brush work properly near edges. How to Use the Healing Brush on Edges The healing brush in Photoshop is a potent tool to clean things up. It can be used in numerous scenarios and works well most of the time. However, if there’s one scenario where it doesn’t perform like we would like it to, it’s in the case of edges. For example, when you need to alter the edge of a f… […]

Learn How to Use Photoshop’s Healing Brush with This Simple 5-Minute Video Tutorial

Clean up your act. Learn How to Use Photoshop’s Healing Brush with This Simple 5-Minute Video Tutorial Photoshop’s Healing Brush is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. And while most people think of think of it as a means of refining portraits, the Healing Brush can work wonders with all sorts of photographs. Link to the full Shutterbug Magazine story

The Healing Power of Photography

Photography Life The Healing Power of Photography: https://photographylife.com/the-healing-power-of-photography The Healing Power of Photography One of the things I find fascinating about photography is that it can be approached from a million directions and can mean a million different things to different people. I enjoy talking to other photographers a lot – I find it very interesting to learn what they personally see in this art and what… Read More at Photography Life

You Say I Am Orphan; I Say I Am Loved!

By Greg Pai Inspired By Andrea Mani Photo Credit: Andrea Mani This is a time of the year where many feel lonely or empty.  Especially those who have no family to speak of. Our hearts have to place orphans at the top of that list. What we learn from this story inspired by Andrea Mani, is that we are all orphans if we don’t connect with and depend on God. Orphans have seemingly perfected that connection and dependence as a means of […]

Hope For The Hopeless

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

True love never dies : Chris Mininni shares powerful photo of parents last moments together – Yahoo7

I could barely get through this story and the accompanied video. Why are we are so deeply moved, often to tears, when we witness a love this true? There seems to be something very intentional in our design. Is this a clue to who God is to us? I suspect that is the case. A love so powerful that it can pave the way through the noise of this world and bring us a healing strength that can overcome any and all life’s challenges. -Greg Pai

Love Can Heal Any Wound…

Love can heal any wound; and God is love. The power of photography… The power of God!

Can A Photograph Heal?

Photography as a Healing Art Photographs have power. Creative photography allows us to see the world in new ways, to drop preconceptions, and to find focus in a busy, chaotic world. For some, photography is an art; for others, a job or a hobby. But there’s another, rapidly expanding avenue for camera work – photography as therapy. “Photography is a tool for meditation, mindfulness and creative living. Now the emerging field of phototherapy embraces the power of making and viewing […]

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