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DJI Inspire drone gets absolutely crushed at sea by airborne jet ski

DIYPhotography DJI Inspire drone gets absolutely crushed at sea by airborne jet ski http://bit.ly/1TGMIq7 DJI Inspire drone gets absolutely crushed at sea by airborne jet ski Drones are becoming more affordable with each new generation, but not for one second does that mean they’re cheap. And that’s precisely what makes watching this DJI Inspire get taken out by a jet ski so painful. It’s just one of the many accidents we’ve seen and one of many to come, but this […]

Syracuse Meets the Inspire 2: A Film by Tom Drone

Fstoppers Check out this beautiful aerial film. Syracuse Meets the Inspire 2: A Film by Tom Drone Growing up in Syracuse NY, Tom Drone was only exposed to the beauty of this city at ground level. As time went on and technology advanced, drones became a popular tool for filming things from a new perspective. After years of work in the drone business, Tom returned to his hometown to film it from t… Read More at Fstoppers

DJI provides users with an accidental tour of the Inspire 1 production line

DIYPhotography DJI provides users with an accidental tour of the Inspire 1 production line http://bit.ly/2ezJbbh DJI provides users with an accidental tour of the Inspire 1 production line Like most manufacturers, DJI tests its products before they go out the door to ensure as much as possible that they’ll work as intended. They can’t find every fault, but if they do spot an issue, they can remedy it before it’s sold. Unlike most products, most of DJIs can record vi… […]

This 20-year old’s drone shots will inspire you and probably make you want to move to Australia

DIYPhotography This 20-year old’s drone shots will inspire you and probably make you want to move to Australia http://bit.ly/2ezZTra This 20-year old’s drone shots will inspire you and probably make you want to move to Australia Shooting stills and video with drones is ridiculously popular, and shows no signs of slowing down. A lot of drone shots, though, are very much just the same old thing everybody else is doing. Occasionally, though, you come across something special and interesting. The […]

The iconic Audrey Hepburn by Magnum co-founder David Seymour, whose work inspire…

Magnum Photos The iconic Audrey Hepburn by Magnum co-founder David Seymour, whose work inspired the theme for this Square Print Sale. Buy the estate-stamped print for just $100 now: http://bit.ly/2f60YXs “David Seymour (Chim), one of Magnum Photos’ four founders, was a legendary photojournalist who produced some of the most memorable images of the 20th century. He was especially skilled at building a close enough connection with his subjects to elicit their participation and empathy. His Children of War project, commissioned […]

Getty Image Sport’s Olympic Gear Photo Will Inspire Serious Kit Envy

Popular Photography It’s like an all-you-can shoot buffet of super-high-end camera gear. Getty Image Sport’s Olympic Gear Photo Will Inspire Serious Kit Envy Getty Image Sport is bringing a predictably burly arsenal of Canon camera gear to the Rio Olympics Read More at Popular Photography

DJI Drops Jaws with Seriously Powerful Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 Drones

PetaPixel DJI’s todo list for Nov 15th: 1. Release new drones 2. Drop mic DJI Drops Jaws with Seriously Powerful Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 Drones Apparently, total domination isn’t quite good enough for DJI. It’s not enough that the Mavic has received rave reviews, beating the GoPro Karma so badly th Read More at PetaPixel

29 Photos to Inspire your Remembrance Day:

500px 29 Photos to Inspire your Remembrance Day: https://500px.com/stephaniebrown93/galleries/remembrance-day Read More at 500px

How a chance meeting with Einstein led to the accidental start of a unique photography career – Los Angeles Times

How did you get started in photography? I am not sure many of us had as unique an introduction as the subject of this LA Times article. However, I am certain that whatever inspired us was significant enough to us to drive our passion for this amazing art form. My story starts in the late 1960s during the age of film and self processing of images. A time, long before digital, that required you print an image in order to […]

7 Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

Feel like you’re lacking creativity? 7 Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity Feeling a lack of creativity? Try these 7 ideas to help you spark it and get back shooting and being creative again. Link to the full Popular Photography Facebook post

Five Sources of Creative Inspiration

Get inspired! Five Sources of Creative Inspiration Inspiration is something we all wrestle with as creatives. Where do our ideas come from? Why can’t we simply come up with them on the fly? Why do we wake up at three o’clock in the morning with the perfect shoot planned out? How can we get more of these kinds of ideas? Let’s look at a few things tha… Link to the full Fstoppers story

30 Composition Styles for Taking Good Pictures

30 photo composition styles to inspire you. 30 Composition Styles for Taking Good Pictures Ever since I decided to start learning photography, I’ve been looking for a good catalog of composition ideas. Once you figure out the mechanics of how a D Source

Tunnels Of Love

These are some of the most amazing pictures of a subway system I have ever seen. So how does one turn a metro system into something visually captivating? Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt when the subject is an architectural phenomenon as are the case in Chris Forsyth’s images. However, all train stations, new and old, have elements that can be pleasing or interesting to the eye. To start, train stations are loaded with interesting parallel lines that all lead to somewhere. […]

Buildings And Institutions Will Not Shape Your Child’s True Potential

At What Cost Does Our Current System Of Education Come? The developed world spends billions of dollars on education and is continuously moving the goal post on what is expected from our children. Absolutely, we should challenge our children’s potential. God created us with expandable capabilities, skills, and talents. So, we need to be all that we can be (As individuals, and not machines of course). But, have we stopped to think “at what cost” does this investment come? We […]

Fight Like A 2 Year Old

The first time I read this article, I felt hope leak out of me. Who wouldn’t. And the photos didn’t help since they made this little girl’s short life and its finality very real. But, by the grace of God, I was able to pivot my emotions so I could find light in such total darkness. This baby didn’t battle cancer and die without leaving us a valuable message. Life is a fight. Different battles at different times. And here we […]

Can You Find Beauty In Hardship?

For most of us, the life of those depicted in the images from this NPR article is simply unimaginable. Still, there is an immense beauty about them that is not easily understood. Probably because hardship brings out the absolute best in us. It separates us from our comfort zone that tends to take off the pressure of truly “living life” and pursuing our full potential. Hardship builds character. It inspires the possiblity of the impossible. It humbles us to the point where our humanity radiates love, […]

You Say I Am Orphan; I Say I Am Loved!

By Greg Pai Inspired By Andrea Mani Photo Credit: Andrea Mani This is a time of the year where many feel lonely or empty.  Especially those who have no family to speak of. Our hearts have to place orphans at the top of that list. What we learn from this story inspired by Andrea Mani, is that we are all orphans if we don’t connect with and depend on God. Orphans have seemingly perfected that connection and dependence as a means of […]

Greg Pai On “The Voice of the Heart” and photographingGOD Podcast

Journey with photographingGOD founder and photographer, Greg Pai as he leads you through the perils of “the voice of the world” that distances us from our natural existence and connection with God as it defines, informs, and motivates us. Greg suggests an alternative voice that speaks from our hearts. And it was this very voice that inspired Greg to launch photographingGOD.

We Are Bound By A Ball And Chain

Power is handed down by God, who is the ultimate power, to politicians, teachers, corporate leaders, parents, etc.  Those who are blessed with power are given gifts and talents to inspire and bring out the best in us as a community. However, if the fever of power overcomes the leadership, humility is overwhelmed by self righteousness and the pursuit of personal gain. Before long, people question the motives of the powerful and lose faith in the system. When people lose faith in […]

When The World Goes Low…

What Is True Joy? Doing well and doing good not only go together, but are among the secret ingredients of true joy. Not the joy that comes from graduating from college, landing your first job, getting married, having a child, buying your dream car or home, or retirement. Those things are joyful, but they are also fleeting. Their elation will last for a time and will undoubtedly be interrupted by life’s unfortunate circumstances. However, true joy gives us the strength to look […]

When Does An “Ad” Subtract? When It Divides Instead Of Multiplies Of Course…

I cannot remember a time when the culture of advertising was truly inclusive (or the media for that matter). You would think that advertisers selling a product or service would want to appeal to the largest possible audience of potential customers. “Not just the perfect ones.” If I am selling soap, why would I only want to sell it to people who looked or acted like me? When advertisers choose certain “types” of people to represent their product and intentionally exclude others, […]

The NEW pGOD App Is Here & FREE! For Apple and Android Devices

You Are Only One Click Away! Download Download The pGOD App was developed for you. Now you can have convenient access to enhanced content and features including: WALL OF WISDOM: Powerful images, quotes, and thought-provoking narrative serve to inspire your search and need for daily purpose, peace, and passion. The ingredients to pursuing true joy in this life. WOW posts muffle the destructive 24/7 “Voice Of The World” which serves to separate us from our divine and natural creation and […]

Cat Got My Tongue

I grew up believing I was allergic to cats and dogs. I later learned this was nothing more than a fable fabricated by others to discourage me from wanting a pet. So the TIME story, “Here Are Some Adorable Photos Of Kittens Pouncing” grabbed my tongue and inspired me to write a personal memoir, not about cats per se, but about life. Fast forward many years later, I found myself wandering into a pet store and buying my first dog. It […]

Sibling Harmony

Too many of us have a lost or strained relationship with one or more of our siblings. These photos should inspire us to rebuild bridges of love with those whom God intentionally enjoined us with to form our family. A sibling is like an arm or a leg. They have a purpose in our lives and we need to have a relationship with them in order to find our what that purpose is. Brothers and sisters are not dispensable. God wastes nothing. […]

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

It is fascinating to see how people from developed societies transform physically during the course of a 24 hour day. I promise this is not the case in underdeveloped parts of the world. This a a great project and the photographer has done a great job capturing this phenomenon. Beyond the novel and creative however, maybe a deeper look should inspire us to look at the effort we budget for physical transformation and that which we set aside for spiritual. Just […]

The Problem With Making Plans

When we become too committed to what we think is “right or best” for us, we do not open our hearts to what God may have in store for our lives. I call it the studio apartment syndrome. We do not leave any room for God to live and work in our lives. Letting go of our conviction, for at least a moment, may reveal a better plan to be convicted to. Often, such plans, would never have had an opportunity to enter our imagination or consideration.

If we want God to work in our lives, we have to mentally move into a “McMansion” because God takes up that much room and more! -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Ever Feel Like Your Life Is Going Nowhere?

Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? I have great news. Nowhere is always somewhere; It just may not feel like anywhere right at the moment. Yet, life is not just a moment, but a continuum of moments strung together to form a glorious story. Your story. How do I know this is true?

God create you for greatness. You are an amazing creation with amazing ability and potential. Be patient and savor the moments. Be intentional, yet regard your current circumstances as part of a bigger plan. There is a bigger plan. Think back to the many times in the past you felt this way and then suddenly your circumstances changed. You may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere right now but I assure you, you are very much in the middle of somewhere. Blessings… -gp

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

There Are Two Types Of People

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

The Single Most Influential Landscape Photographer

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” -Ansel Adams

Maya Barnes Phone Home… Not!

Maya is a 14-year-old, somewhat typical, high school student. What possibly makes her less typical is her willingness to disconnect from the digital madness that has consumed our world. Well – at least long enough to understand what she might have been missing.

Two Tickets To Hawaii Please!

10 Photographs That Will Inspire You to Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii Right Now. It is no secret that Hawaii is a piece of paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 10 Photographs That Will Inspire You to Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii Right Now – Resource Magazine (blog) thumbnail courtesy of resourcemagonline.com

You Have A “Whole” In Your Head

This photo is called “Gimme A Kiss” and it depicts man’s fascination with art. So – Not all of us are a natural-born Picasso. However, God did give all of us an amazing gift to create and be creative. Let your creative juices flow in all that you do. Don’t be satisfied leading just a “left brain” life. Even if that is your strength. God gave you a right side too. And for a reason. To support your creativity, imagination, intuition, artistic […]

Our “We Need A Quote Winner” Is Allen Jose Hinahon Tingzon

We needed a quote. And the photographingGOD community responded. So many to choose from. More importantly, it was a blessing to enjoy the inspirations that were shared. Really, they are all winners, and so, WE are all winners. However, we choose one to feature and that honor went to Allen Jose Hinahon Tingzon of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. When asked what photographingGOD meant to him, Allen told us this… “photographingGOD is a very unique platform to express one’s faith in God and […]

An Engagement To Remeber

24 Unique Engagement Photos to Inspire Your Own Upcoming Shoot. So you got engaged! Now it’s time to announce it to the world with some gorgeous photos. We rounded up the most stunning and unique pictures from professional photographers that will totally inspire you. 24 Unique Engagement Photos to Inspire Your Own Upcoming Shoot – POPSUGAR thumbnail courtesy of popsugar.com

Every Day Is A New Day

“Every day begins with the opportunity to see the world differently. To appreciate everything and everyone around us.” -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

“The Sun Shines Not On Us But In Us.”

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” This profound quote came from John Muir also known as “John of the Mountains.” God has planted a connection between us and the rest of his amazing creation. Please watch this brief, yet inspiring video that will surely send you out of the house this Earth Day weekend seeking a photographic connection with God and the world He created for us. ‘Muir Song’ Will Inspire You to Photograph the Great Outdoors This […]

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