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Maps and Other Photographers To Locate Your Landscape Locations

Using Google Maps and Other Photographers To Locate Your Landscape Locations | Fstoppers

We have all been there: you see an image online that gives you the best perspective of a location but you have no idea exactly where it is located. Sometimes the photographer lists the location on social media, but more often they leave you wondering where exactly they were standing. Last week I set out to film a time-lapse of one of the most photographed skylines in the world.



Twillingate and The Isles Photography Group focuses on natural beauty – The Pilot

Twillingate and The Isles Photography Group focuses on natural beauty – The Pilot

Every year thousands of tourists flock to the scenic communities on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. The promise of whale and iceberg sightings, as well as the beauty in the rugged landscape, attracts people from all over the world. Twillingate and The Isles Photography Group focuses on natural beauty – The Pilot

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Slow Down. We’re Moving Too Fast.

Video: Photographer’s patience brings city to life in epic time-lapse. That’s all it takes to create an almost five-minute spectacular timelapse video of Singapore’s growing urban landscapes. The Lion City II – Majulah was created by Singapore-based Australian photographer Keith Loutit, which he says tested his patience. Video: Photographer’s patience brings city to life in epic timelapse – Newshub

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The Single Most Influential Landscape Photographer

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” -Ansel Adams

All of us are photographers of some sort. We run about with our phones or tablets and many of us with our more advanced digital equipment. All of us attempting to catch that special moment, or not. Sometimes just to catch any moment, deeming it special just because every moment is. Even when we are sans-technology, we are capturing such moments with the most amazing camera of them all, our eyes.

This documentary takes us modestly into the mind of one of our most gifted photographers, Ansel Adams. While this brief film could easily be construed as a technical documentary, I prefer to enjoy it as a glimpse into the glory and talent of a marvelously convicted mind. Intentional and driven for excellence. Yes – he strived for perfection and was even under the impression that he could control much of what he was creating. And I believe that God may have even given such freedom because of his loyalty to his gifts. Nevertheless, he knew his limitations and never confused who was the picture taker, and who was the Picture Maker!

1958 Documentary About the Single Most Infuentual Landscape Photographer – Fstoppers

1958 Documentary About the Single Most Influential Landscape Photographer In this documentary from 1958, we’ll get to see first hand what founding father of modern photography, Ansel Adams, dropped in his camera bag before he went on a shoot in Yosemite National Park, as well as some rather juicy technical tidbits. One of… 1958 Documentary About the Single Most Infuentual Landscape Photographer – Fstoppers

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From The Yorkshire Moors To A New Zealand Glacier

Readers’ travel photography competition: May – in pictures. From the Yorkshire moors to a New Zealand glacier, landscapes dominate this month’s competition. Scroll to see the poignant winning shot, judged by Mick Ryan of All monthly winners will be displayed at the year-end exhibition at the… Readers’ travel photography competition: May – in pictures – The Guardian

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Antarctica Through An i(ce)Phone

The fascinating and pristine surrounds of Antarctica are a sight to behold and capturing it is no easy feat. Yet it’s something that John Bozinov, 25, has mastered by photographing his way through polar regions — using his iPhone as a camera, when it becomes too much of a hassle to pull out a full-sized camera.

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“It’s much easier to be in the moment and focus on your subject when your gear isn’t so complicated,” Bozinov told Mashable Australia.

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Bozinov said he was a latecomer to photography, only starting to play with cameras at the age of 19. Photographs shot with an iPhone in Antarctica are super chill

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What Do You Know About The First Book Illustrated With Photographs?

Probably more than me because I knew nothing. But when I learned that it was a book about algae and also published by the first female photographer, I had to wonder why I never heard about this before. Granted, algae are not the most photogenic subjects. However, the cyanotyping film process made them perfect for the technology of the day.

Then it occurred to me that it may have been a more perfect subject for other reasons. Algae are some of the simplest living creatures on earth; Many of which are composed of a single cell. God’s miracle.  So, I closed my eyes and imagined myself seeing photos in a book for the first time in the mid-1800s and being introduced, not to a family portrait or a picture of a farm landscape. But something that really made me wonder about creation itself.

God often has a way of working a miracle with His right hand while another is brewing in His left. Next time you witness a miracle, look for God’s left hand at work as well!

These Beautiful Images of Algae Were the First Photos to Illustrate Any Book | Atlas Obscura

“In 1843, the first book ever to be illustrated with photographs was published. Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions documented species of algae in ethereal, blue splendor. Its author, Anna Atkins, was as pioneering as the book she published; she is widely recognized as the first female photographer.” read more at

If Not For The Valleys

by Greg Pai
Featured Photo Credit: highlights6 (Wood Lanes, UK)

If not for the valleys
I often descend
I could not see the mountains
o’er horizon’s bend

The glory of God
His Majestic style
Awe filled landscape
A miracle mile

So far in the distance
While feeling so close
The landscape before me
I anticipate most

These dips
are in God’s grips
All these lands
are in His hands
Descents and ascents
are the intent of His plans

Shaping and molding
Yes, bending; That too
Form the grandeur of landscapes
Form the essence of you

So I suppose its all relative
Still this much is true
God has a landscape for me
and a landscape for you