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Skim Milk

A Photographer Caught the Milky Way Passing Over Mount Fuji. Mark Thorpe, a Japan-based wildlife photographer, has made a timelapse of an event that is only fully visible twice a year: The passage of the Milky Way over Mount Fuji. “I found out that while you can see the Milky Way during May and June, it’s only… A Photographer Caught the Milky Way Passing Over Mount Fuji – Motherboard thumbnail courtesy of

So You Want To Photograph The Universe Do You…

Particularly for those of us living in light polluted cities, the universe is simply not observable in the fullness of its glory. So we must rely on others to combine their ideal locations with the necessary technical skills so we too can enjoy God’s amazing creation as if we were there ourselves. If you are one of those most fortunate, here are some tips enhance your potential. How to Photograph the Milky Way “If you live in a remote area with dark […]

Want A Laugh Over Spilled Milk?

Moooooove Over Scientists! Scientists deserve a great respect for their pursuit of exploring and understanding God’s miracles. But don’t be fooled for a second, God is the only creator of miracles. And everything is a miracle!